Manuel Neuer, wounded, waits for a longer interruption


Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer spoke at a news conference about his new injury. Contrary to the initially announced, it does not expect a return in two weeks.

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Manuel Neuer waits after the leg tendon injury in a return on the goal of the Bundesliga club FC Bayern Munich in the final sprint of the season. "My goal is to get in shape as fast as possible," the goalkeeper said Wednesday at a news conference in Munich. "I think Leipzig is a realistic goal." On May 11, Munich compete in the penultimate round of the current RB Leipzig, the Bundesliga's third division. Initially, the club assumed that the goalkeeper would only be missing for about 14 days.

Neuer suffered the injury in the league game last Sunday at Fortuna Dusseldorf. In the current second half of the Bundesliga, Neuer had already lost two games because of a thumb injury and one because of calf problems. Last season, he came due to a failure in the metatarsal only in three league insertions.

To the speculation that he could announce his retirement from the national team at the press conference, the 33-year-old said: "We smile a lot."

The press conference with Manuel Neuer to read

12.19 clock: It is. Manuel Neuer says goodbye.

12,17: Last question. Neuer sees Bayern against Borussia Dortmund in psychological advantage. He says: "We had the clear and decisive victories in the last race and it was a close match for Dortmund with Mainz."

12.15: New in his role as a wounded captain: "I am still present in the cabin, I take a lot of truth, trying to do many face-to-face conversations, of course, if I notice something, I will add my mustard."

12.13 clock: What does Neuer expect from the final sprint for the title? "We know we can not make more mistakes, there's been a lot going on this season, now we're ahead – and we want to stay there too – but our opponents are also very, very finals."

12:11: Next topic: the next opponent Werder Bremen. Neuer: "They have a great team spirit and they play an interesting football, we are warned." Both in the Bundesliga and in the semi-finals of the Bayern Cup find Werder.

12:10: Now it is basically. If a goalkeeper problem threatens Germany, Neuer is questioned. "We have so many good instructors, I'm not worried," replies the current team.

12:09 a.m. Neuer is asked about occasional criticism of his replacement, Sven Ulreich. He clearly contradicts: "We should not talk about it, but about its many good performances, I'm not worried."

12:06 a.m. Now Neuer is asked if he should have taken more care after his problems in the calf earlier in the season. He explains: "For me, the use against the BVB was a risk and even then I did not train under heavy load, but it was okay, no complaints before the game against Düsseldorf." You can never predict injuries.

12:05 a.m. Neuer reports that he immediately felt when he was playing against Dusseldorf that he was injured. He says: "I have a very good body feel and I knew immediately that I would be out of action, which is obviously disappointing, but I also want to stay close to the team during the injury."

12:04: Now Neuer is accosted in speculation about a late career. He says, "We smile about it." The interview in the press today he wanted to realize, despite his injury.

12:03: Neuer: "Muscle injuries are normal with the continuous load we have, I honestly expected this earlier in my career."

12:01: Neuer calls the game against RB Leipzig on May 11 a "realistic goal". This would be a four-week inactivity period.

12 hours: Begins! Manuel Neuer is asked first about his injury. He says, "After two weeks, I can do more, but when I can really be on target again, it's hard to say."

11.47 clock: Neuer's role in the national team can also be addressed. Most recently, he was the captain and number one in the goal, but Marc-André Stegen has been shining for months with FC Barcelona, ​​with excellent performance.

Clock 11.45: At 12 o'clock you should start. An issue will certainly Neuers injury in the field. He is currently missing because of a torn muscle. In the second half of the season, the 33-year-old had already lost two games with a thumb injury and one due to calf problems. Last season, he had come because of a metatarsal range only in three appearances in the championship.

11.40 clock: As Neuer rarely gives press conferences, much has been speculated in advance about the occasion for today's date. So far, there are no signs of a spectacular advertisement.


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