Love-out in Domenico de Cicco? Girlfriend deletes all couple photos


Love-out in Domenico de Cicco, 35? The Italian male is currently with his ex-girlfriend Evelyn Burdecki, 30, in the Australian bush – more than 14,000 miles away from his current girlfriend and mother of his daughter. But now she seems to have enough of Domenico …

Flirtation of Domenico in Evelyn

How does Domenico's girlfriend, Julia, feel now? Her lover is on the other side of the world with her ex in the tightest of spaces, accompanied by TV cameras. Before the departure of her friend, she repeatedly stressed that she trusted Domenico and knew that he only loved her.

But from the first day of the TV show, viewers can see how the 35-year-old always looks for closeness to Evelyn. Split again between the ex-pair?

Source: MG RTL D

Domenico Luigi's escort knows how Julia is and betrays RTL:

I suppose she's sad.

high she was so offended, that she thinks of putting Domenico out the doorAnd apparently she did it too …

Julia deletes all couples photos

Between Domenico and Evelyn, it really seems to crackle again. While the public expects a love return from the former lovebirds, Julia now seems to have drawn her conclusions.

He was definitely my great love. I thought I had arrived. I thought he was my soul mate. I felt so perfect

Evelyn admitted on the jungle phone. A stab in the heart of Domenico's girlfriend! The deleted now all couples photos with the girl of 35 years of your account! Then that's it All of Domenico and Julia?

Domenico's friend knows:

This is not true. She (Julia, editor's note) has an account, but he is currently offlinebecause they have decided that they do not have an account. I think This is a fake account. that goes around.

So! For Julia, it is expected that the former star of "Bachelor in Paradise" keep hands on him and soon stop the flirtations with Evelyn …

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