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Life Prison and briefing «

A life sentence and placement in an institution for mentally abnormal law offenders was the unlawful verdict in a two-day trial for murder of a 43-year-old man on Monday in Wiener Neustadt. The defendant was found guilty of being ambushed in front of his home by his former partner in January and stabbed to death. Besides, he was water. convicted of persecution.

The man had sued and threatened his ex-partner, according to the indictment, in May 2017. A few days before the crime, the woman told police about her ex-husband: "He got me psychologically, I was always worried that he could hurt me ". After separation, a "constant chase" of man began. The accused would have exercised "psychoterrorism" against the 50-year-old woman and her relatives.

Another relationship of the 43-year-old man went awry, moreover, the unemployed plumber could no longer pay his rent, he was shut down in December 2018, the supply of heat and then electricity. Cell phone messages between the defendant and the 50-year-old man repeatedly came back for the man to pick up his personal belongings from the woman. For January 10, a trial would have been planned in connection with an eviction against the accused. According to defender Wolfgang Blaschitz, this should have "overflowed the barrel" with his client.

With knife waiting for ex-partner

The 43-year-old man drank alcohol on January 9 and 1.85 per thousand on intuition, as he had done with an open-air knife on the way to his former partner's home in Wiener Neustadt-Land district. There he waited about an hour and a half for the woman. When she arrived home at night and left to open the garage door, he attacked the victim without a prior conversation. At age 50, 15 points were added, for her, any help came too late. Since she installed a surveillance camera, the crime was videotaped. The recording, which also includes the victim's screams, was shown at the camera trial.

In August 2018, the trained spengler had sent the link to a Bible verse quote (Ezekiel 25:17) according to the 50-year indictment, which is also quoted in the film "Pulp Fiction" by actor Samuel L. Jackson in the role of the murderer Jules Winnfield. before shooting his victims: "I will do great acts of vengeance upon those who are trying to poison and destroy my brethren, and in anger I will punish them, that they should learn: I am the Lord, if I have my vengeance executed on them. "In December 2018, the 50-year-old's sister-in-law sent the accused a sequel to a Rambo movie in which the lead actor puts a knife in the throat of a counterpart.

Certifier certifies sanity

The defendant suffers from a personality disorder, but according to the report is sensible. Because of their perilousness, experts Manfred Walzl (psychiatry) and Anita Raiger (psychology) have recommended a briefing at an institution for mentally abnormal law offenders.

All eight jurors affirmed the issues of murder, persistent persecution, dangerous threat and attempted severe coercion. There have been acquittals allegedly chasing the 50-year-old brother as well as continuous harassment through a computer system to the detriment of another ex-partner. The man must also pay the mother of the deceased 18,000 euros, the son 25,000, the brother 13,000, the sister-in-law 8,000 euros and another former partner, whom he had lurked, 990 euros.

The mitigation impacted the punitive evaluation u.a. the partial contribution of the accused to the truth. The reasons for aggravation included the relevant criminal record, the rapid relapse, the long Tat Tatzeitraum, the "treacherous" approach and the "exceptionally high levels of violence in the form of many stabs," said Judge Hans Barwitzius. The jury had been of the opinion that "for this act only this punishment is possible". The decision is not final because the defense lodged an application for annulment and appeal.


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