Last chance for cheap iPhone battery replacement at Apple


In the spring of 2018, Apple apologized to customers for limiting some iPhone models with a special battery replacement program. However, there are several important lawsuits against the group. Up to one million fines have already been imposed. Affected users can change the battery for 29 euros on their smartphone. The offer is valid only until December 31, 2018. From there, the battery replacement – depending on the iPhone model – costs again up to 69 euros.

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waiting lists

Those who are allowed to take advantage of the cheap exchange, but have not yet done so, must hurry. Because now it is scarce with the dates. In Austria, the official battery replacement campaign can only be carried out by authorized retailers, or the Apple Store at Kärntner Straße 11 (1st district) in Vienna. Here comes partially but already for very long waiting lists.

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battery protection

Apple justified the drowning of the iPhone to save the battery. Since the introduction of iOS 11.3, the desired brake can be disabled by users. Although the US group initially assured that there will be no drowning in newer models, it recently leaked that Apple also deliberately accelerated the performance of iPhone X and iPhone 8 (Plus).

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