KV officials prepare for strike action


After four rounds of unsuccessful collective bargaining with the Metallers, the union is stepping up. Since Monday, company meetings have taken place across Austria, where resolutions for any strike are decided. If there is no agreement on Thursday at the next hearing, the union wants to go on strike. Okay ÖGB already exists.

"If necessary, we will take industrial action to impose fast and excellent financial conditions," says the text of the resolution adopted by the workers' councils. One of them happened on Tuesday in Vienna-Liesing. About 450 mechanics of well-known company elevators, like Kone, Thyssenkrupp or Otis, participated.

A total of 350 business meetings take place throughout Austria, for example in BMW, Magna, MAN, Rosenbauer, Bosch or parts of Voest. Among other things, employees are informed about the status of the negotiations.

The demands of the union are known: 5% more wages and salaries, or at least 100 euros more per month, should keep an eye on the 192,000 employees of the metallurgical industry. This is too much for employers. They offer a good inflation compensation of 2% plus a portion of the productivity increase, which they estimate at 0.7%.

The union's working time, such as higher bonuses and breaks paid for long working hours, as well as protection against dismissal for those who refuse to work 12 hours a day or 60 hours a week, are still maintained.

Employers consider the union's "damage package" to be detrimental to the site. To a conclusion on Thursday, the union must change – otherwise you would only accept combat measures, metalworking industry spokesman Christian Knill said on Monday. "That will be uncomfortable, but it's even more unpleasant if we overload companies with burdens, as the union demands."

On Thursday (November 8) the union and employers will meet again from 1:00 p.m. to haggle. The great negotiating team will be at ÖGB headquarters. Real negotiations must take place in a Viennese hotel.

Also in the negotiations for the KV train continues to engage. According to the "messenger" (Tuesday), employers' representatives accuse the union of deliberately making unsatisfactory demands. According to the employer's negotiator, Thomas Scheiber, the requirements are similar to metallurgical workers, 5% more wages, shorter working hours, four-day working hours, etc., according to the report.

Roman Hebenstreit, head of the transport and life services union, is astonished: "There is no concrete percentage as demand". For him, only three factors would count: inflation, GDP growth and industry development. According to one study, this increased their productivity by 6.5%. "That is what we want to participate in. Mr. Scheiber now has to say what is unfeasible," says Hebenstreit in "Kurier."

According to Scheiber, he sat in the seventh round in October Hebenstreit instead of Günter Blumthaler. The nature of the conversation had become different. "There were new demands that are not affordable for the industry, which would increase the cost of salaries and wages by ten percent, and the employer's offer is currently at 2.7 percent." The union needs to know that the demands are not met, "Scheiber says. He does not expect an agreement in the next round on Nov. 21.



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