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suggestion (November 2018): There is now Kindle Paperwhite 4 and Tolino Vision 4 HD, which are significantly more different than the 2014 models. Paperwhite now also has a flat box front and water protection, and an integrated audiobook Audible), Vision 4 HD does not have an audiobook function, but has built-in night light with blue light reduction.

The following comparison refers to older models.

Amazon does not ship the Kindle Paperwhite this year as a high-end flagship in the race (this task is the journey), however, the only available for only 99 euros eBook Reader the driving force of the US company. With modern technology, excellent lighting and a wide range of software, it rivals the recently launched Tolino Vision 2. But even that does not have to be hidden. The Vision 2 comes with the same display technology, but also features integrated water protection and an innovative scrolling function. In addition, Vision 2 is available in stationary bookstores – from 129 euros.

Which of the two models of eReader has the nose ahead, you will learn in the following comparison.


The initial screens of Kindle Paperwhite and Tolino Vision 2 are initially very similar. On both devices, the most recent read eBooks are displayed in a cover preview, and in either case they are directly below the ad recommendations of connected store books. Fortunately, the Kindle can hide these book recommendations (after massive customer criticism), the Tolino alliance still does not offer this option.

Paperwhite, in contrast to Vision 2, however, does not have its own library view. Instead, the home screen of the Amazon device works as such, which has advantages and disadvantages, but in the end, it's a matter of taste. Both devices can be used for the collection functions not with popular Caliber eBooks management software. Of course, in both cases, the files can be copied to the device via Caliber.

At first glance, a similar structure of the home screens

Basic Operation and Functions

Operation is very fast on both devices – both Paperwhite and Vision 2 use a 1 GHz Freescale iMX6 chip, while the Tolino eReader with 512 MB of RAM provides twice the RAM. Both eBook readers are controlled through a capacitive touch screen. In addition, the Tolino Vision 2 also features a capacitive home button below the screen, as well as the innovative Tap2Flip function, which allows you to turn it around with the touch of the device. This works great in practice after a short time on. Otherwise, both models offer the same touch screen scrolling options (swipe and tap).

The font options are also very similar. Here you can see that the manufacturers of Tolino apparently were inspired by the Kindle software. In addition to the possible choice of five or six fonts, you can adjust the font size to seven levels as well as line and edge distances in three stages. In addition, the orientation of the text can also be selected in View 2 (justified, justified to the left, centered). In addition, the Tolino eBook Reader dominates hyphenation, a feature that the Kindle Paperwhite continues to offer, despite the frequent request of customers (in German-speaking countries).

Similar font options but still no hyphenation in Paperwhite

Buying e-books works great on both devices, but Amazon managed the thing thanks to the lack of Adobe DRM support in terms of ease of use, but a better tick. Thus, it is not necessary to register (once) with two different providers. Of course, this also has the disadvantage that Paperwhite does not support the ePub format, which means that eBooks need to be purchased primarily at Amazon. At least in terms of eBook prices, however, this is not a problem, because they cost the same everywhere because of the binding price of the book. However, if you want to stay as independent as possible, Vision 2 is the best device in this regard.

Extended functions

Kindle Paperwhite and Tolino Vision 2 offer notes and dictionary functions. The note function is called in the same way in both cases (you can keep your finger in a word and add a note to it). With both devices, the created notes are stored in an easy-to-copy TXT file and can later be easily processed externally.

In the dictionary function, Amazon has the border: The word or translation definition opens in a small window and therefore can be displayed directly in the context of the text. In addition, it comes as a German Duden dictionary used and there is the possibility of expansion (usually with costs). In addition, you can search for words in the existing WLan connection also in Wikipedia. In Tolino Vision 2, the dictionary function opens with just one more click, in a new window. In addition, the source is currently only the free Wiktionary used, which can not keep up with the quality of the editorial maintained dictionaries. However, it also has the advantage of having many dictionaries pre-installed to and from German.

Dictionary function is best in Kindle Paperwhite and more affordable

In addition, both models offer an Internet browser, which can be used well for quick reference, despite the E-Ink display. However, Kindle Paperwhite offers more features here (bookmark and article mode), while Vision 2's browser has been cut relatively poorly.

In addition, there are two features on the Amazon device with the vocabulary trainer and parental controls you can not find in Vision 2.


The optics differs very clearly in both eReadern. The Tolino Vision 2 uses a flat housing surface, as it is known from the tablet or smartphone, the Kindle Paperwhite the usual eBook Reader design, in which the screen is embedded in the housing. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so that ultimately maintains the balance.

The processing of both readers is flawless. Even with rough handling creaks or cracking nothing and both seem solid. At 174 grams, Vision 2 is noticeably lighter than the 206 grams of Kindle Paperwhite. In addition, Vision 2 is smaller and flatter, so the bottom line is a little more comfortable in the hand.

The Tolino Vision 2 has an internal memory (usable) of 2.10 GB, the Paperwhite offers since the secret facelift of 3.13 GB of space. In both cases, the storage space is not expandable.


As is often the case, the screens of the devices differ very clearly in practice, despite the same technology. Both use an e-ink screen with a resolution of 1024 × 758 pixels. Readability without illumination is very similar, i. There is no significant difference to the practical operation.

The screens of both e-book readers are very good, but Paperwhite is still a bit better

It looks a little different with the lighting, which leaves Paperwhite the bottom line the best impression. The light spreads more evenly across the screen and the contrast becomes noticeably stronger as the lighting is activated. In Tolino Vision 2, the font is not so black in direct comparison, which does not mean that legibility is bad. By itself, of course, Vision 2 has no problem using the monitor.

The maximum screen brightness on the Kindle Paperwhite is slightly larger and smaller than on Vision 2.

price-performance ratio

Originally, the Kindle Paperwhite came with a price of 129 euros on the market. Meanwhile, the traction horse of the Amazon costs only 99 euros, which offers the reader an excellent price-performance ratio. Tolino Vision 2 was pre-ordered for € 129 for November, but now costs € 149 (excluding Club Bertelsmann – € 129) for most of Tolino's partners. In any case, the price difference, but at least 30 euros, which is very in view of the technically very small differences (even if you include the water protection bonuses and Tap2Flip). Thus, Paperwhite offers better value for money if you can do without the use of ePub files.


The bottom line is that both eBook readers present their best side. Kindle Paperwhite already belongs to the core of the workforce in the eReader market and continues to enjoy great (and rightly so) popularity. Software functions are mature, error-free, and comprehensive, with few imperfections (eg lack of hyphenation).

Vision 2 and Paperwhite are very good devices, with the purchase you can not go wrong in both cases. The Kindle eReader offers 99 euros, but the best price-performance ratio

But also the Tolino Vision 2 is a very good reader and can therefore convince in our test a long way. Although the lighting is not as good as Kindle's, you can use the ePub files and the online loan.

Ultimately, the Kindle Paperwhite, but because of the price much lower than the winner of this comparison. However, even with the purchase of Tolino Vision 2 do not make mistakes.


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