Kickl on the BVT-U committee: "They were not there


The parliamentary commission of inquiry into the case of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counter-Terrorism (BVT) reached its climax: on Tuesday, Minister of the Interior Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) was interviewed, Michaela Kardeis, Director General Public Security, was invited as an informant.

The opposition sees Kickl as responsible for the controversial and partly illegal attack on the BVT, and also the layoffs were high. Kickl himself had not commented on his charges in advance, but during special sessions in parliament he justified his work and suggested that the opposition act as a "conspiracy theorist."

"He did not send Goldgruber to the WKStA"

In the commission, Kickl denied any responsibility on Tuesday. He said he did not know all the actions of his employees. For problems, he considered the media's "excessive reporting" to the cause and the older complaints in BAT. However, the opposition tried to show that Kickl had answered the parliamentary questions incorrectly – he argued that he was not responsible: his team would take care of it.

Kickl also did not want to have organized the compilation of an anonymous author of alleged abuses in the BAT by its Secretary General, Peter Goldgruber, to the Office of Economic and Corruption (WKStA): "I did not send Peter Goldgruber to the WKStA." He was new to the Ministry at the time – and had other things to do. From the "research pressure" supposedly built by the employee of Goldgrubers Udo Lett, he did not know anything. Because: He considers himself responsible for the "political" work of the Ministry – the rest would be taken over by the officials.

Kickl, who had recently responded emotionally to parliamentary questions in the questionnaire response and received official calls, remained quiet on the committee for a long time. It was not until the end of his questioning that he asked MPs questions – in such a heated way that committee chairman Doris Bures (SPÖ) interrupted the meeting.

Amon once asked

Spicy: In addition to the opposition, ÖVP faction leader Werner Amon had repeatedly critically appraised the role of the Home Office and recently accused him of a "rough approach." In today's subcommittee, Amon did not ask Kickl – "for tactical reasons," he explained. Amon did not return until the last round of questions – for a brief question about the information policy between Goldgruber and the minister.

The interview with Kardeis in the afternoon was probably about a conversation on January 29, where she was a witness. During the conversation, interior ministry secretary general Peter Goldgruber said that the head of the BVT, Peter Gridling, asked the secret agents of the constitutional protection of the right-wing fraternities. According to Gridling Goldgruber also wanted to know names – Goldgruber denies this.

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