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Jungle Camp 2019: Camp situation escalates on the seventh day – unpleasant allegations against Evelyn

On the seventh day it was discussed and discussed. Evelyn should have smuggled something into the camp. And Gisele makes his behavior increasingly unpopular … So was the seventh day at the jungle camp.

  • 12 candidates are at the jungle camp of 2019.
  • As of Friday, the first candidates will be eliminated.
  • Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich present the 13th season of "I'm the Star – Get me out of here!"
  • For the first time, the winner will receive a cash prize of 100,000 euros.
  • Meanwhile, there is also the first information on jungle camp fees in 2019.

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00:03: And the seventh day of the jungle camp is over. While Bastian Yotta talked to Evelyn about her financial problems, Camp Sensibelchen Gisele left the next exam. Even today, the locals had to run out of food, the weather was noticeable, to the delight of many onlookers as well. The whole night was then marked by the dispute. While Evelyn and Domenico were discussing a raised toilet seat, Chris Töpperwien approached a lively discussion about a frying pan. Finally, another watch haunted the camp, but who was smuggling the clock into the rainforest? And where is she anyway? By the way, Gisele can compete tomorrow for the exam, who would have thought it?

23:59: Of course it's Gisele who has to go to the next exam in the jungle. Then, slowly, we yearn for a change.

23:56: Well, who will have to go to the next jungle exam?

23:54: Sandra and Evelyn discuss the true mystery: why has Tommi just put on Evelyn's sock?

23.40 clock: "Isch was nisch!" Evelyn denies rock, to own the mysterious clock. Domenico thinks she should just admit and then "Stone over it!"

23:35: Gisele wants to raise her popularity level again and insinuate that Evelyn smuggled a watch.

11:30 p.m. There should also be a clock in the camp. Wurstmann conducts individual inquiries. And we're surprised that some locals still think about Season 13, they can not be heard on TV when they whisper.

23:26: Doreen Dietl turns out to be the real Pablo Escobar of the Australian jungle. She actually tried to smuggle chewing gum into the field.

Clock 23.12: Felix hands over the post of team principal for Chris "Tankwien". And it marks its place.

23:05: Zero Points go toooo … I mean, people would be anxious for Mitcamper's reactions.

23:04: And this begins. The cave was actually a spider. Gisele screams, exits again and stops the exam before beginning.

23:02: Gisele "Sacrificial Lamb" has to go to an "Alarm-in-Cobra-11 Cave". She is afraid of caves. And snakes We give her 20 seconds inside. Who offers less?

10:50 a.m. Gisele leaves for the exam in the jungle and returns after a minute with the words "Zero stars". Haha. Joke! "Dear Gisele, little warning: Your campmates are so hungry after the" eating model "of the last few days, they stop at nothing.

10:45 a.m. Sibylle made like a tank cracker. Our highlight today. And Twitter fits.

22:42: Chris Töpperwien used to have to refuel with his father. Hard dog!

22:39: The Currywurstverkäufer in the jungle, pardon cooking pro, is at the point that other Mitcamper also want to cook. For the first time, we also hear Leila Lowfire talking and Yotta laughs his head: soon he shows his true face! "

22:35: Is anyone still wondering if Evelyn is really the best actress in the world and really has an IQ of 160? Quote Evelyn: "Lord, let rain rain." Can this really be real?


22:34: The Klodeckel Gate goes to the next round. Was it "klomenico"?

10:30 p.m. Apparently there are several "Mysteria" in the jungle. The toilet lid was open. Who is "amputated by the brain" to say this in the words of currywurst man. Finally, "the ants crawled up your ass".

22:28: The currywurst gets involved in the fiscal case of its rival. He claims that Yotta's own manager sent the photos to the Bild newspaper. "He could have taken a selfie," says Sandra.

22:27: If Evelyn's tax advisor, Mr. Öztürk, is watching the jungle camp?

22:26: Evelyn does not know what taxes are. It does not surprise us in any way.

22:25: Muscle Man Bug Attack: That "Gisela" hit the pan yesterday after testing in the failed jungle, he did not handle well. Even though he trained her. He calls her a "little slut." Okay, that did not lower or raise the level.

10:20 a.m.Episode seven starts with good news for all IBES fans: today's episode lasts 30 more minutes. Juhu.

9:45 p.m. In half an hour is finally back: I'm a star – get me out of here! – and we're alive on the ticker.

January 17, 2019 Update: On the sixth day at jungle camp, there was a lot of stress, but also a small miracle. Crygun Gisele and the man "Miracle Morning" Bastian Yotta had to return to the exam in the jungle, this time in the "Spülhölle".

The "Dreamteam" as Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich call the two candidates, this time had a chance to get a total of 12 stars.

The record of cow urine, rotten tomatoes, fish scraps, cockroaches and flushing balls was a real surprise: four stars fought for Gisele – Yotta against none.

"Geil !!!!" Gisele screams and refuses when Bastian wants to hit her. And then Gisele shows another face and hits Yotta correctly: "Leave me! I know I did a great job – and you did not get one!" I'm upset because you always encourage me all the time and make great marks on me! giant hand and can not even get a star! "

This hits Yotta in your muscular heart. Words like decency, honor and my true self – he says shocked at the camera.

At camp Gisele celebrates his stars again: "I have four stars, and he has zero."

Even the currywurst man, Chris Töpperwien, is awesome. He protects his greatest enemy in the jungle and criticizes Gisele. "You have to say, we have four stars. That was not good."

Jungle Camp 2019: This was the 6th

23:48: Thus, it is the rumor that was raised in the transmission: Domenico affirms: With him, Evelyn had something happening

23:25: It's over. And we can expect another test of disgust with Giselle.

23:23: Giselle needs to get back to the exam in the jungle! Is this a new record?

23:14: On here. Thanks, RTL! And Weeerbung.

Clock 23.12: And now also a fight between Giselle and Doreen Dietel. Where's the soundtrack? What the fuck …

23.08: And it goes with the drama between Evelyn and Domenico. But hey, he wants to put a stone in it! In Domenico, this means growing grass on it. But he's right: putting a rock in it is definitely faster. The grass is growing so slowly …

Jungle Camp 2019: Great reconciliation between Giselle Oppermann and Bastian Yotta

23:03: Great reconciliation in the two fights? Giselle apologizes. Big hug and all is well again. Tears come to us.

23:02: Giselle can not wait to tell everyone that Bastian has zero stars. ZERO! Yes! Zero stars! Did you all hear? Bastian has zero stars. Giselle four. Achso e: Bastian has zero stars!

11:00 p.m. Yes, Yotta has been scolded for five minutes. No monologue. Since you can still get popcorn quickly. He's still going to talk about it.

22:58: Yotta and Giselle are complaining. Yotta "has decency and honor" – he says at least. It's only because he does not tell anyone what's really going on at the jungle camp. How wrong are all. Oops, he did not tell?

22:57: Giselle does not even realize she has collected the stars. It was really a masterpiece. Incredibly good. Madness. Meanwhile, Yotta finds a thousand and one excuses for her star to fail.

22:56: Is advertising already over?

10:48 a.m. Incidentally, we find the soundtrack very, very appropriate: What the fuck is that?

10:44 a.m.: And last but not least: pink water with colorful plastic balls as a surprise. As a pleasant surprise, you mean here. And Giselle catches two more stars! Bastian, on the other hand, did not bring one … and that's why Giselle is angry right now. Because HE has already motivated you. And now, but she has the stars. It makes sense to be angry at this. In any case. "I'm sick of shit," says Yotta.

22:42: And now: Giselle had a second star and just lets it go. "Shit!". Bastian looks visibly fearless … And now come cockroaches and crickets. Hmm. He crawls everywhere. Giselle prefers not to see anything. But she has to.

10:40 a.m.: Rotten tomatoes, fish waste …. And the two just do not see the stars. But! Giselle has one! But, "I vomit," she calls. Naturally …

22:38: Giselle and Bastian need to get back on the exam. And in the first place, the two are full of cow urine … Bastian, however, misses telling Giselle where the stars come from. No star! For cow urine in the diving glasses.

22:33: Also between Bastian Yotta and Giselle Oppermann the situation is very tense …

Selva Camp 2019: Tommi Piper is high for Sybille Rauch: "That's a lie!"

22:32: Peter Orloff tries to relax the situation. "Each of you is a great person." But Tommi does not want to hear about it. It is not always harmonious! Oh no and now? "Now it's over with you to the end!", Tommi Piper plays Sibylle clutched in the head. And what do we learn from this? Mantras do not do this …

10:30 p.m. Now Sibylle explains the situation. Tommi would have left her alone at the firehouse. Tommi responds with a mantra: "I'm very calm," he tries to convince himself. It works? He had just brought his bottle, he says. "Violation of the rule!" Exclaims Sybille. And then he broke the rest. "This is a lie!" Roars Tommi. And you go. "The Retirement Struggle" is Chris Töpperwien's main headline.

22:25: Sibylla Rauch is crying to herself. She throws Chris out of bed "because I'm alone all the time." But is Tommi sitting there too? Does not she see it? At first Chris asks irritably, "But are you two?" When he smells her, he gets out of bed. And say no more.

22:22: Doreen falls from the net. Ouch.

22:19: And we started with the drama about Domenico and Evelyn on the show: Domenico confides in Chris. "There was something, definitely, but I can not say it was love." Then he speaks some spicy details: Evelyn would have something with the ex of Ochsenknecht. Real now?

21:13: For those who are not yet sure: That's why Domenico and Evelyn are arguing – the whole story.

Update January 16 at 8:03 PM: As it became known now, the wife of a former candidate for the jungle has died. The family mourns the 49-year-old woman.

Jungle Camp 2019: Report appoints first rates

Now there is also the first information about the Gagen jungle camp in 2019: The Bild (which is always particularly well informed in terms of RTL shows) calls the first numbers:

Bastian Yotta should receive 140,000 euros. Giselle Oppermann, Evelyn Burdecki and Tommi Piper will receive a fee of 80,000 euros. And Felix van Deventer should receive 60,000 euros. RTL wants – as usual – these numbers do not comment.

Great emotions at the jungle camp 2019

The sixth day of jungle camp 2019 begins and we are curious to know how this will continue. So far, there has been no shortage of potential conflict and emotions: between Bastian Yotta and Chris Töpperwien, it has bubbled up from the start – the long-running conflict worsens again and again.

Töpperwien makes serious allegations of Yotta: He fooled the fans for money and blocked them.

Even between Evelyn Burdecki and her ex-Domenico, there was no enlightening conversation – but a confession of love: Evelyn admits that he had been her great love.

Selva Camp 2019: Giselle and Bastian Yotta have to go back to the jungle exam on the sixth day

Of course, a Jammer candidate should not be missing out on the jungle encampment of 2019: this year is the model Giselle Oppermann. She has been scouting the jungle three times and is still thinking of leaving the jungle camp.

After the examination with Bastian Yotta on the fifth day, the two must return to the examination on the sixth day. Are they going to get stars this time? Anyway, in the preview you can see how Giselle simply releases a star that has already been taken away – something Yotta clearly does not get excited about. And we also learn from what the two candidates are dealing with: cow urine. Yuck.

In our ticker you can track episodes one and two of RTL's "I'm the Star – Get me out of here!" as well as reading the jungle camping episodes three, four and five again. Here we have an overview of all jungle camp transmission dates of 2019 and how you can follow the jungle camp live on TV or via stream.

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