“James Bond: No Time to Die”: streaming services fight for blockbuster


Secret agent on His Majesty’s streaming service? Apparently, there is no shortage of interested in “James Bond: No Time to Die” outside the cinema.

James Bond’s 25th appearance was delayed so often that unpleasant tongues even scoffed that Daniel Craig (52), the farewell to “No Time to Die” would probably never go to the movies. But what started as destruction prophecies has now been really discussed. The American magazine “Bloomberg” reported that both the streaming service Apple TV + and Netflix obtained information from the MGM movie studio about a million-dollar acquisition of “Bond’s” birthday.

According to the report, however, these discussions were quickly closed by the film studio. “There is no time to die” is not for sale, so the reasoning. One was still determined to release the film as planned from the beginning: “The release of the film was postponed to April 2021 to guarantee viewers the cinema experience,” said an MGM spokesman.

Was there $ 600 million in the room?

The American website “Variety” presents a slightly different picture. It is reported here that MGM is considering a sale. The website also mentions a supposed price: interested parties would have to pay at least 600 million dollars (about 507 million euros) to guarantee the services exclusively of the double zero agent. In the end, however, no deal was struck.

Hard to believe, but originally “No Time to Die” should have hit theaters in November 2019. After a change of director and other incidents, April 2020 was chosen as the starting month. As the first major blockbuster, the new “Bond” was delayed because of the corona pandemic, initially for the fall of the same year, but now for the beginning of 2021. However, German 007 fans can expect that. In the meantime, it was announced that “No Time to Die” in this country will be released on March 31, a few days earlier than anywhere else (April 2).

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