Is AirPower arriving after all?


Although Apple has announced the wireless charging for 2018, it was no longer a problem last year. […]

If the current reports of the Chinese supply chain are reliable, mass production has already begun. (c) Apple

Since its inauguration in 2017, the event iPhone X, Apple has nothing more to talk about wireless said the loading Mat. At that time it was shown how it charges an iPhone X, an Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time. AirPower was expected in 2018.

MacRumors has the ChargerLAB portal, which announced via Twitter that AirPower is finally coming. He learned from a "credible source" in the supply chain that Chinese manufacturer Luxshare Precision has begun to produce the Apple product.

MacRumors has translated the Chinese news into the image of WeChat with Google Translate's iPhone application on iPhone, and they seem to agree with what ChargerLAB says in their tweet.

An accompanying tweet revealed that there is a second vendor involved. According to Pegatron to begin on January 21, with serial production of AirPower. Pegatron is also an Apple OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in Asia.

Given the many rumors circulating around this product, it is still too early to tell whether AirPower is finally coming or not. If Apple does not officially confirm this, we believe only when we see a model produced.


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