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iOS 13 beta for everyone is here

In early June, Apple brought a real breakthrough at its 2019 WWDC developer conference. For most users, the focus was on the iOS 13 presentation. So far, the new operating system for iPhones could only be tested by registered developers . But it's over now. The US company has released a public beta of iOS 13 on Tuesday, which can now test all users. Many of the new functions are already available – especially the dark mode throughout the system. At the same time, public beta versions of iPadOS, macOS "Catalina" and tvOS 13 were released.

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Be careful

To download the public beta, Apple has created a separate page (beta software program) in which you can register to test and register your device. It's important to mention that beta versions should only be tested or installed on devices that you do not necessarily need. Pre-release versions often contain a number of defects and errors that can cause problems. This also applies to iOS 13 Beta. If you install the beta, you should definitely do a full back up (via iTunes or iCloud).

The release of the final version is expected in September. Should be available soon after the presentation of the new generation of iPhone.

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All iOS 13 news in a nutshell

Apple made iOS 13 faster. The operating system should respond better, offer multiple system-wide optimizations, apps start faster, download application sizes have been halved, upgrades need 60% less space, and Face ID unlocks iPhone (up to) more fast.

Dark fashion

The biggest innovation of iOS 13 is the introduction of Dark Mode throughout the system. In the dark mode, the iPhone gets a new look. The dark color scheme is available throughout the system and in all native applications. On OLED displays such as the iPhone X, XS and XS Max, the dark mode saves energy and, in low-light environments, also protects the eyes. The new mode is also available to third-party application developers for integration with their applications. Users can also set it to be activated automatically at sunset or at a specific time.

ios-13-960-off inlay-apple2.jpg© Apple

Photos and videos

Artificial intelligence also plays a big role in iOS 13. With machine learning, the photo application is automatically lighter. This highlights the best photos and videos in the stream. In the new day, month, or year view, unordered photos and the like are automatically hidden. Especially successful is the automatic playback of videos in the media library. They are played automatically during scrolling and therefore stand out from the photos.

ios-13-960-off inlay-apple3.jpg© Apple

New tools are available for image editing. By simply passing, you can intensify or reduce the effects. In addition, most editing tools on iOS 13 are now also available for video editing, so you can rotate, crop or apply clips directly to the photo application. In addition, the new operating system allows for portrait light adjustments directly in the camera application. A new high-key effect of mono & # 39; is to provide a monochrome look for photos in portrait mode.

"Sign in with Apple"

You have long been able to sign in or sign in to multiple services with your Google or Facebook account. However, users also transmit a lot of data, sometimes confidential. Apple introduces iOS 13, a more private way to quickly access applications and websites. Instead of using a social media account or filling out forms, checking e-mail addresses, or choosing passwords, iPhone users can simply use their Apple IDs for authentication. The company protects the privacy of users by giving developers unique random identification.

ios-13-960-off inlay-apple1.jpg© Apple

Even in cases where developers request a name and an email address, users have the option to keep their email address private and use a unique random email. With "Sign in with Apple", users can also authenticate with their face ID or touch ID. So you have integrated two-factor authentication for more security.

Map App

Apple Maps was also fairly up-to-date on iOS 13. The best new features are initially only available in the US. In the "Land of Unlimited Possibilities," the corporation drove four million miles to rebuild the base map from scratch. Now there is wider road coverage, better pedestrian data, more accurate addresses and more detailed land cover. In other countries, such developments will not be introduced until 2020.

ios-13-960-off inlay-apple4.jpg© Apple

Then the new Google Street View competitor should go to the beginning. With the new base map and high-resolution 3D photography, the new "look around" feature offers photo-realistic images of street-level cities. Other new Google Maps app features include collections to share your favorite restaurants, travel destinations, or busy temples with friends and favorites to navigate to frequent destinations (home, work, school, etc.) with a touch of your finger.

Other news

Here are more, not so extensive innovations of iOS 13, than many users, but should be happy. Even though they are often not recognizable at first glance.

  • performance improvements make the system more agile with the faster Facial ID unlock and a new way to group iPhone applications in the App Store, which reduces application download by up to 50%, reduces updates by more than 60%, and results in Start applications up to twice as fast.
  • Crab has a new, more natural voice. In addition, the first Siri shortcuts introduced in iOS 12 now also support "Automatic Hints," which provide custom routines for things like going to work or going to the gym. The Google Assistant has been around for years.
  • Prolific writers come with the new feature QuickPath at your expense. This allows the entry of a hand on the iOS keyboard, simply by stroking the letters of a word – SwiftKey Let's say hello. In addition, according to Apple, the text editing improved. IPhone users should now be able to scroll more accurately through documents, move the cursor, and select text.

    ios-13-960-off inlay-apple6.jpg© Apple

  • The function "Memoirs" has a new design and offers AI options for creating and editing reminders with more ways to organize them. For example, the Quick Toolbar makes it easy to add hours, dates, locations, and flags or attachments.

  • iMessage or messages you can now automatically share the name and photo of a user or Memojis or Animojis. This will convert the application to traces of other messaging services like WhatsApp. Especially legal: The personally created avatar (Memoji) is automatically transformed into various poses in stickers packages that are integrated into the iOS keyboard so they can be used in messages, email and other applications. In addition, the Memojis receive new hairstyles, hats, makeup, piercings and accessories.

    ios-13-960-off inlay-apple.jpg© Apple

  • The integration of smartphones for cars, carpet, gets its biggest update on iOS 13 with a new dashboard to showcase music, maps and more in a single view, a new calendar application, and Siri's support for third-party music and navigation applications.

    -Apple-wwdc 19 live19.jpg

  • As AirPods 2 Siri can read incoming messages as they arrive. This applies to the Apple News app and any SiriKit-enabled news applications. The new audio version lets you watch a movie or share a song with a friend. All you have to do is hold a second pair of wireless headphones near the iPhone or iPad.

  • As files Application users can now share folders via iCloud and access media files from external storage such as SD cards and flash drives.

  • The controls for location services Give users more options on how to share location data with applications, including a new single location option.

    ios-13-960-off inlay-apple5.jpg© Apple

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