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Injured Lucas Hernandez: OP Succeed in FCB-Star – How Long Will It Take?


Lucas Hernandez was operated on Thursday in the inner band. At the clinic, the Spaniard received a high visit, which made a smile.

October 24 update at 20:17: Lucas Hernandez survived his surgery on Thursday after information from the club. Now the player himself has arrived at his fans' hospital. Smiling and with a thumbs up, he shows a picture that fellow Javi Martinez sent via Instagram to the world. He paid a visit to the clinic and immediately made a good mood.

In the photo, Martinez is armed with a stethoscope and listens to his colleague's newly operated leg. In the photo he wrote: “Dr. Martinez says,“ The operation was very good. ”The high attendance helped the Spaniard smile quickly again on his face.

Also Lucas Hernandez shared a scene from the visit on Instagram. Here Javi Martinez showed his "talent" as an actor. Hernandez wrote of the video: "Many thanks to Dr. Martinez, always in the best hands."

Lucas Hernandez's Ankle Surgery – How Long Has He Been Depressed?

October 24 16:30 Patch: It's how fast Bayern are going: on Tuesday night Lucas Hernandez was injured in the Champions League, followed on Wednesday by the diagnosis and the finding that surgery is inevitable. The FCB confirmed a partial internal band rupture. The same was already done on Thursday and was successful.

Dr. Johannes Gabel made the intervention at Murnau in Upper Bavaria. The operation was successful, as reported by Bayern. Hernandez will probably be out for two months – that's how the first half of the season was for him.

Lucas Hernandez: Known Surgical Consultation – New Zoff between Bayern and France

October 24, 11:55 AM Patch: Lucas Hernandez made his last game in Greece in 2019? The investigation confirmed an injury to the internal ligament in the right ankle of the French world champion – he must now undergo surgery, as reported by FC Bayern Munich. The intervention is on Thursday.

How could this happen? Hernandez underwent surgery on his right knee before his transfer to Munich. Even so, an injury to the band had knocked him out. As recently there have apparently again been injuries to the injured knee, a dispute has arisen between FC Bayern and the French Football Federation – Hernandez is likely to accumulate for the world champion in the European Championship qualifiers. Finally, he did it against Turkey, but would rather have spared him at FCB.

But the French and Süle are injured and FC Bayern have to think about how he recovers his losses. In addition, there are possibilities in the squad itself, as well as some candidates for a transfer to FCB in the winter.

Lucas Hernandez: New Zoff between FC Bayern Munich and France?

Hasan Salihamidzic, Reds sports director, was annoyed after the 3-2 victory in Piraeus over Hernandez's use against the Turks. "I didn't like it. It bothers me already," he said. Like this player reported in its Thursday edition, the French association now "strangely reacts to the recent Munich attack". The message: Hernandez wanted to be used at his own request.

Now it says: forced break for Hernandez. What's next at Bayern? Thomas Müller is apparently being pursued by two top European teams. Coach Niko Kovac will surely be present at the match's press conference * accompanied on Friday on the live ticker to comment on current topics.

Next shock: Injured Lucas Hernandez has yet to sink into the knife – is he even longer now?

October 23, 17:54 Patch: Lucas Hernandez suffered a partial rupture of the inner band. What the first research in Athens suggests has now confirmed the MRT in Munich. For the FCB and the French, however, it is even thicker.

As Bayern announced on its website, Hernandez must also be operated. This should increase downtime compared to conservative treatment. Thus, FC Bayern cannot wait eight weeks with Hernandez. The first round went well for the newcomer.

Lucas Hernandez – Brother Reveals Interesting Secret After Injury Shock

October 23 update at 15:40: Lucas Hernandez is the most expensive player in the Bundesliga but fails for the time being due to injury. The fact that the Bayern star has achieved such a steep career is probably due to a great coincidence. That's what Lucas Theo's brother said now Sports image,

Consequently, Theo – now serving AC Milan – was invited at age eight or nine to train at Atletico Madrid. Your one and a half year old brother should show up.

"He played with the ball on the edge. That was also noticeable to the coaches, and what he did there pleased them so much that they both took us." It was a great start for us, "said Theo Hernandez, who, like Lucas, doesn't know if his father is still alive.

Bayerns Hernandez badly injured: diagnosis exists – defense concerns more dramatic

October 23 update at 12:23 pm: Following Süle's shock, the next bad news followed Lucas Hernandez's injury. Now it is also clear how hard the Frenchman is really hurt. After detailed investigations, the diagnosis is now clear.

The defensive star suffered in the Champions League game at Olympiacos Piraeus a partial rupture of the internal ligament in the right ankle. Although Bayern did not call for a specific downtime, but usually this injury attracts a break of several weeks.

Most Dramatic Defensive Concerns: Lucas Hernandez Lacks Bayern For So Long

October 23, 10:47 AM Patch: Hasan Salihamidzic once had a premonition. After a conversation with the doctor dr. Müller-Wohlfarth said Bayern's sporting director for Lucas Hernandez's injury said: "This will last several weeks." Like this portrait Now the Frenchman will be out of action for up to eight weeks. It could only be ready for the second half of the season.

Exact downtime will be known when the final diagnosis is made. Of course, the defender suffered a ligament injury in his ankle against Piraeus. After Niklas Süle's injury, which even threatens the end of the season, Hernandez Blessur is the next defensive clash of the record.

Bayern's next shock: defensive star leaves crutches at stadium – first diagnosis

October 23 Update: Also FC Bayern sporting director Salihamidzic has with Dr. med. Müller-Wohlfahrth spoke and became more concrete. Now it's clear: Hernandez won't play again anytime soon: "Dr. A Müller-Wohlfarth has already made the first diagnosis and will continue for several weeks," said the sporting director.

Video: Salihamidzic talks about Hernandez injury – and criticizes French association

Salihamidzic, however, blames the French team for Hernandez's injury. "Karl-Heinz-Rummenigge intervened last week before the player joined the team. I didn't like the fact that he played anyway. Dr. Müller-Wohlfarth is an expert on that. It bothers me already. I don't want to blame no one but you have to tell people like Dr. Müller-Wohlfarth trust, "says Salihamidzic.

After the match – in which Bayern again scored two goals – Rummenigge spoke at the banquet, also admonishing words to the assembled team.

Defense star leaves the crutches stadium – Kovac: "Great pain"

Piraeus – threatens Bayern with the next shock? Lucas Hernandez was injured in a harmless duel 54 minutes into the Champions League game against Olympiakos Piraeus. The defender screamed after the action and was later hit by FCB-supported doctors.

Lucas Hernandez: Bayern's next shock – fullback limping from field

Obviously, Hernandez had achieved something in the Achilles tendon. That didn't look good in any case! Jerome Boateng replaced the French immediately.

Javi Martinez was replaced at halftime. The Spaniard had seized his thigh in the first round. Corentin Tolisso came after him.

After the match, Bayern won 3-2, Niko Kovac commented on Hernandez's injury. Müller-Wohlfahrt spoke. He told me he has problems with his ankle inside. Anyway, he feels a lot of pain. We have to see if the band has been affected. We don't know anything specific yet. "

Lucas Hernandez had to leave Karaiskakis Stadium on crutches after beating Piraeus. After the tz * information, the player became extremely eccentric.

Lucas Hernandez leaves the crutches stadium.

© Mano Bonke

Bayern's next shock: Martinez with muscle problems

As for Martinez's injury-related substitution, Kovac says, "He has muscle problems. We had to react so that nothing worse would happen."

Last weekend Niklas Süle was seriously injured and lost many months with a cruciate ligament rupture.

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