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"This is Mickey Mouse, he comes from the East Coast to seduce our children, even if he does not even have an electronic card," he said in a FPÖ video of the 1920s. Heinz-Christian Strache distanced himself from that. Even in ÖVP circles, Mickey's experiences have long been branded as "Schundhefte". But only the conservative Vorarlbergers were guilty of that, emphasized Sebastian Kurz. The left also criticized Micky. "Kater Karlo is always evil, this is racism cat, is not it, Micky?! #Wtf", a green politician tweeted in 1929. At that time there were still greens. Peter Pilz, in the 1920s in Parliament, would have insulted Mickey's girlfriend: "What's the use of the most beautiful Minnie Mouse, will not she go out with me at night?" Commissioner Hunter started the fungus investigations, but stopped short with a prescription. ,
Neos like the Pink Panther, but Thomas Drozda (SPÖ) has an original drawing of Micky in the office. "Mr. Disney allowed hanging! Maybe not me and here, but he wanted you to see his drawings," says Drozda, looking at his limited-edition Micky watch. (Aich)

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