Identities: The FPÖ is in a hurry


In AUSTRIA, ÖVP Chancellor Sebastian Kurz made clear connections between the FPÖ and right-wing extremist identities: "Clear demarcation is needed. No one who is well with Austria can and should have contact with radicals."

On Monday, he reiterated in the Upper Austrian News: "I do not tolerate fluffy transactions with this far-right movement. Therefore, I hope the FPÖ clearly takes a stand and, if there are connections here, also hold them and separate." In short, "Any kind of interdependence with identities has to be solved. You can not look away." The occasion is a house in Upper Austria, where identity and FPÖ officials are rented.

Background to the short-commotion: Due to entanglements with right-wing extremists – and also with Russia – the flow of information from the secret services to Austria is strongly threatened.

On Monday, the head of Constitutional Protection (BVT), Peter Gridling, surprisingly grabbed the case against Peter Pilz (see below, below) because BAT is still only a limited partner in the Berne Club, the intelligence. Kickl denied that Austria was cut off from the information.

More and more German and British politicians demand that the flow of information from the secret services to Vienna be cut off.

Kurz wants to change reporting obligations of intelligence services

On the subject, the National Security Council convened by the opposition convened on Monday evening. In advance, the chancellor stated that he wanted to change the reporting obligations of the intelligence services. According to the press report, the BVT, the Abwehramt and the army news office in the future will also provide information to the Chancellors and Vice Chancellors. Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen had insisted on this. This should ensure that not only liberal ministries have sovereignty over intelligence services. (Button D.)

Saleswoman no Praise by Minister Kickl

In an interview with Wolfgang Fellner, the director of extremist identities on the right talks about his connection with the Christchurch killer, Kickl and Strache.

oe24.TV: Can I call you a Nazi?

Martin Sellner: I forbid this, I am a patriot.

oe24.TV: The Christchurch terrorist donated 1,500 euros. You've already emailed him multiple times.

Sellner: I wrote to him that I also have a YouTube channel in English because I noticed that he speaks English. I did not dream he would commit a murder later.

oe24.TV: Have you ever met him in person?

Sellner: I can rule this out. A meeting did not happen. At the moment, the state police are scouring my cell phone photos, chat messages.

oe24.TV: How strong are identities in Austria?

Sellner: We are about 300 activists.

oe24.TV: How do you like our government?

Sellner: I really like Kickl, he's the best Interior Minister. He keeps his campaign promise.

ee24.TV: And Strache?

Sellner: He also does his job well. I am grateful to him for the fact that the integration pact was not signed.

April Fool? Sellner also wanted to donate SPÖ 15 euros

Through Twitter, the SPÖ made it public that Martin Sellner had tried to donate money to the party – obviously an April 1 joke. He failed twice to transfer the considerable amount of 15 euros. Both attempts failed. "Obviously, your account was not covered," believes the SPÖ.


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