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Also on the big round of elephants on Tuesday night, on oe24.TV, was the gate of Ibiza, the collapse of turquoise government and the threat of national crisis the most important topic. ÖSTERREICH CEO Wolfgang Fellner received a heated game last time before the vote. The best sayers:

  • Othmar Karas (ÖVP) on the FPÖ: "There is, I believe, no one who has not been deeply shocked, irritated and speechless about this video, so I am very happy that the chancellor made a quick and clear decision. said that he has swallowed too much in the last few months.It is now up to us to ensure that we do not let this video, this misconduct, turn into a sovereign crisis.It is about stability and clear demarcation of the populists on the right.

  • Andreas Schieder (SPÖ) replied: "It is not possible that the chancellor intends to be a victim of this incident.He is to blame.He has this party, knowing what is happening, brought to the government and is now trying to even create a single government I think it's shameful to try to play your selfish games out of this emergency situation. "

  • Werner Kogler (Grüne) also assumes the responsibility of VP: "You have to know, if you cross with Othmar Karas, you strengthen a group that does not exclude anything. At the end of the ÖVP is back with a supposedly renewed FPÖ the cycle resumes: Opposition Bank, government bank, dock. "

  • Johannes Voggenhuber (List Now) attacks Vilimsky: "In this video, the FPÖ leadership tried to sell its own land, and I am very surprised that the man who was then Secretary General of the FPÖ and also responsible for finance was still the EU. "

  • Harald Vilimsky (FPÖ) on Russia ties: "I will work to end this agreement (the FPÖ with Putin's party in Russia, note), because I also want us to have maximum neutrality in our actions. of US Defense at the Pentagon and the White House three weeks ago. Do you really believe that someone who has involvement with Russia gets to that level of conversation? "

  • Claudia Gamon (Neos) has demands: "This is all so tragic because it creates a bad image in politics. The parties will do themselves a favor by turning themselves over to the edge and bringing together a clever political party project until the election, which the impossible escape constructs. "

  • Kogler agrees: "We need to enforce funding laws, there are many loopholes and we need real control and sanctioning options."

  • Karas sees differently, "You can talk to me about everything about transparency and control, but not a single suggestion made here would have prevented this video."

  • Gamon replied, "The problem is that the legal basis has already been created, and this is almost a guess that any evasion is possible."

  • It is very simple, if he continues as before, that on television he only insults people and still does not understand that it is his government that hit the wall, he imploded – then it will not work any more.Then the trust is in the end, then it has destroyed it. "

  • Vilimsky in Rage: "Kurz hit a government a second time, first with the SPÖ, now with us.He believed we could stick to our armchairs, that he could comfortably navigate to the election and that we could go through the cut door afterwards. No. But that additional requirement, which was suddenly invented that Herbert Kickl should be remembered, shows that this was a deliberate accident. I will therefore urge my party to vote in favor of a motion of censure. "

  • Karas: "I keep the movement of not trusting in aggravating the problem.This can lead to destabilization.What we need now are good minds, stability, a viable government."

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