Hirscher after the victory Schladming: "I have my feeling back"


If Marcel Hirscher calls on fans of "Drink it for me" and Ferdl Hirscher and coach Mike Pircher take a sip of the champagne bottle at the end, the relief is great.

After Hirscher was able to convince the last race especially in the second round, he hit two dreams in the snow at the Night Race in Schladming and impressively wins the third victory of the night slalom on the Planai.

"I have my feeling back," says Hirscher, "and this is more valuable than any other point: security, stability, courage to take risks: this is a glimpse when you feel good again," says Annaberg.

In an interview, Hirscher explains how he found this feeling again, why he feels sorry for his team and how he noticed the fans during his journey:

question: Why was the first race much better today than in the last races?

Hirscher: In the last three slaloms, the first round did not look as good as I'd like. I hated the feeling. It was ok but it was not the feeling I was accustomed to. I was looking for the perfect feeling. We're trying to change things and check things out in the last two or three weeks. I have to thank my team, it has worked incredibly, more than ever, maybe. In Schladming I had the feeling I had in the first three goals, as I already knew and I knew it. A feeling that makes me feel free and able to attack. The first race was definitely the key to victory.

question: You clenched your fist. How great was the joy of the first race?

Hirscher: I'm not interested in placements, but in getting the most out of it. In the last race I was happy with the ranking, but not with the performance. This time it worked. Of course, annihilation in the second round would bother me, but it would have been different than in the last two races. Cause I just know there's a new feeling and that I can speed up again. It's good to have that feeling again and safety.

question: You're his father soon after the race. Because?

Hirscher: My dad has been pushing and motivating the team lately so they are pushing for the gas. It was very difficult to set up a top-level track in training, where we can test the configuration in the best possible way. The staff really shuddered after all this snow – are you crazy? I already regret it for them. Since all of us the pressure was noticeable. The staff really did an amazing job.

question: Were you looking for revenge against Clement Noel after the last two races?

Hirscher: No, I always drive against time in the first place. I always try to reach the time faster and be faster than the others. Noel did incredibly in the last two races, it's good to see him.

question: How did you notice this atmosphere in Schladming?

Hirscher: Really great … I think there were 5 thousand more people than in Kitzbühel. And at night it's even more special. The most difficult part was the steep entrance, where red lights and smoke and everything was there. It was very difficult to stay focused and not forget to ski. But iss is already huge and you can only say thank you that we can have such races in Austria and that skiing has this place.

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