Friday , April 23 2021

Herbert Grönemeyer: "I'm a wild romance" – dpa

BERLIN (AP) – Singer Herbert Grönemeyer (62, "men") spoke about his second marriage and called himself a romantic.

When asked why it was important for him to remarry, he said on Sunday at the morning show "Breakfast with me" from the Austrian radio station Ö3: "This has to do with attitude, they profess to each other. I'm a wild romantic. "According to the station, Grönemeyer married Josefine Cox in May 2016." We had a good party, it was good, "he said.

20 years ago Grönemeyer's first wife, Anna, died. He had quietly passed the 20th anniversary of his death on November 5 with his children, he said now. "Sorrow means for me to honor someone, but there you can also do a parallel with the other side again trying to fix the luck. The sadness for the person remains there, as a new color in life." Grönemeyer lives in London and Berlin and is father of two children.

He dedicated the love song "My Life Rays" on his current album "Tumult" to his second wife. "It's one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever written, maybe even the most beautiful." His wife, who according to the pop and rock star "is about 40 years old," found the song very beautiful without a text.

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