Heidi Klum: As soon as Tom Kaulitz left … Model puts topless hot photo


So in love Heidi and Tom have lately provoked a gala in Hong Kong. Now the musician is touring Europe and Heidi has stayed in the United States alone.


Heidi Klum and her fiancé Tom Kaulitz are undergoing a temporary breakup. The singer is touring Europe with Tokio Hotel. Meanwhile, the model is naked.

Los Angeles – "This is what it looks like when the fiance rehearses in Europe at the end of June and does shows in 20 countries," wrote a fan in the latest Instagram photo of Heidi Klum (45).

The model mother presents herself completely without painting and without tuft. Even her right nipple flashes in the photo. A generous message of love for her Tom (29)? In any case, the courier comes with a smiling kiss and a small heart that probably are for him.

Heidi Klum: Fans are thrilled with their topless photo

Heidi Klum fans love their natural, borderless look: "I think it's really amazing that you show up without a veneer. It makes you so nice … It's my model," writes one follower, another finds: "You're soooo handsome! "Heidi's male fans, however, directly demand," Show off your breasts! "recognizable section continues:" Are you naked or what? "

Heidi Klum misses her fiancé Tom Kaulitz?

Some worry too, because of Heidi's serious gaze. "You look sad? I hope everything is fine!" Asks one of his fans. Maybe Heidi is sad because she is currently separated from her fiancé. After all, for some time persistent rumors have circulated about a pregnancy.

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And what is the musician doing in the meantime? Twin brother Bill Kaulitz posted a picture on the Instagram showing all four bandmates. They celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Georg List, Tokio Hotel colleague. With a kiss, they are standing around the smiling birthday girl – Tom seems to have enough distraction.

Sarah Lombardi recently shocked her fans with a bikini image, "So embarrassing!" They write.


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