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The Main Association of Social Security Institutions held a paradoxical ceremony on Thursday night, celebrating its 70th anniversary marked by its recent dismantling by the turquoise federal government. President Alexander Biach was still combative and could receive an international award for his institution.

The Medal of Merit was presented by Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, Secretary-General of ISSA, the International Social Security Association. He commended Austria's social security organization as exemplary around the world and expressed the impending interference of the somewhat strange legislature. "It's hard to understand why you question something that works well on the outside," he told reporters.

Biach was constructive, despite the fact that the main association (and hence its professional position) is being dissolved and replaced by an unprotected organization which, according to the government's plans for box office reform, will spin in five years under seven different heads of social security. "It will continue to require a strong organization in the future, and we will work towards that end," he emphasized. E: "It will not be the last festival".

Already on the path of the bill to the government bill, two sovereign tasks could be brought back to the future umbrella organization. Three others must be saved before delegating to other carriers, Biach said. He cited the registration, insurance and contribution systems, as well as the hospitals and doctors in the partner areas of the contract. If this is successful, a strong umbrella organization is guaranteed. He did not want to speculate on the motives of the federal government.

Director-General Josef Probst hoped that the Austrian social security system would not only need a strong ceiling, but also a 'face-to-face' and therefore no rotation in the association's presidency. He warned against an imminent drug of three classes in Austria. You get the best benefits from government employee insurance, "where politicians are insured." Behind them followed the self-employed and the farmers, and at the bottom of the ranking all other workers would come to the future Austrian Health Insurance Fund (ÖGK).

At the ceremony, representatives of social partnership also had the say. Workers' President Renate Anderl warned that workers would no longer have a voice in their own coffers in the future, said Wolfgang Katzian, director of ÖGB, of the government's "classic mockery." The Secretary-General of the Chamber of Commerce, Karlheinz Kopf, did not want to know that. It should go to the insured, not to structural problems and therefore to power.



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