Friday , December 6 2019
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Hannelore Elsner († 76) had cancer: "She fought bravely"

As the "tz" reports, Elsner succumbed to cancer in a hospital in Munich, of which only a few Vetraute should know. Obviously, actress Michaela May (67) was also one of them: "I knew that Hannelore had been struggling with health problems for years, and that she had not been good to her lately and that she fought bravely against cancer." she told the newspaper "Bild."

Patricia Riekel, also former Bunte boss, had a vague idea that it was bad for Elsner: "She had cancer and I would say that maybe something was with her lungs, she was a very heavy smoker," she speculated in an interview with RTL . .with. "The people inside only know that she was seriously ill for two weeks because she was in the hospital and was treated with a different name," says Riekel. Most recently, Riekel saw the actress at the premiere of the movie "Cherry Blossoms and Demons": "The only thing remarkable was that she did not stay after the screening of the film, there was no party."

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