Google's hunger for data is breathtaking


Following the (renewed) EU record penalty for Android, there is already the next bad news from Europe to Google. For example, consumer advocates in seven European countries now want to take action against the misuse of data from the Internet giant. Associations from Norway, the Netherlands, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland and Sweden wanted to file a complaint with their data protection authorities, the European Consumer Protection Association (BEUC) said on Tuesday.

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Places reveal a lot of information

The German consumer association Bundesverband (vzbv) therefore examines an injunction. Consumer advocates argue that the US company is in violation of the General European Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) with its pursuit of user sites. "Places can reveal a lot about people, religious beliefs, political beliefs, health status and sexual orientation"he said in a message.

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No right to use data

Google's operating system, Android, can be found on about two billion smartphones worldwide. The company used a number of tricks to ensure that users turned on location tracking or did not disable it. The collected data would be used for a variety of purposes, including targeted advertising. However, Google does not have sufficient legal reason to use such data and therefore violates EU law, was said by consumer advocates. The consent of the users to collect and process the data is also not given voluntarily in these circumstances.

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"Expansive Breathtaking"

"Google's eagerness for data is obvious, but to what extent it tricks its users to follow and make money with every move is breathtaking"said Beuc's CEO, Monique Goyens.

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