GNTM: Beat the attack on the TV – and the attacker Jasmine must go!


There were riots on the GNTM set. Two candidates started each other. The logical consequence: Jasmine must go. Sacrifice Lena is legally against the incident.

Zickereien among the candidates is normal in the GNTM, but now has gone too far. In the set of this season, arrived at blows. According to "" Jasmin (18) is said to have fallen on Lena (17). There is talk of various blows and torn hair. The forceful consequence: Jasmin is out. In the set, violence is not tolerated.

However, the scene will not be shown in the current episode on March 21. ProSieben does not want to show violent disturbances. It is said that the victim, Lena, hired a lawyer and took legal action against him. Not only against Jasmine, she raises allegations, even against the camera crew, because they did not intervene, but continued to film.

At the request of, the Public Prosecutor's Office Essen only confirmed that a complaint had been received.


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These candidates already have a career

Today begins the 14th season of Germany's Next Top Model. At the show again young young jury evaluation models. Some candidates have already made a name for themselves – not just as a model.

Behind the scenes, there was a conflict

It is said that Jasmin "Joy" and Lena are among the candidates to wiggle in the episode. Before the final decision, they had to wait together behind the scenes. He came to the argument. When Lena asked, "Are you crying or laughing?" Jasmine felt so tormented that it became palpable. A receptionist should have separated the two.

Heidi Klum (45) responded to the incident with the following words to Jasmine: "But my dear, there are rules in a society. You can beat yourself up with words, but you can not beat yourself up with your hands. You had a great chance here and unfortunately you ruined everything by yourself. "


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Will Tom Kaulitz also be part of the show?

The new season of Germany's Next Top Model will begin on February 7. Newly hired Heidi Klum has the reins in the cast. Is she going to give her girlfriend Tom Kaulitz a spot on the show?

"Revenge brings nothing"

At Instagram, Lena answered curious questions from her fans two days before the episode airs. One of them was: "Revenge or stay calm?" She said clearly in her story: "In my opinion, definitely stay calm. Revenge does not earn anything, revenge is not good." A reference to the incident in the current GNTM season?

At the bottom of the video, you can see which clear indication shows that these two girls are definitely in the top 10.

One clear indication: these two girls are definitely in the top 10


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