Forest and field fires kept firefighters on alert in Upper Austria


Thalheim / Munderfing / Weißenbach am Attersee (APA) – In Upper Austria on Saturday, several forest and country fires kept the fire brigades at their fingertips. How high the risk of fires due to drought conditions is currently, first showed the fire of a Christmas tree in Thalheim near Wels and a forest fire near Munderfing (Braunau district). Finally, at the end of the night, several small fires broke out on the Weissenbachtal am Attersee.

During the fire in Thalheim, in the afternoon, a large forest of Christmas trees was affected. The cause of the fire was initially unknown, but the flames spread rapidly. Despite the rapid unfolding of the fire department, the trees were largely destroyed. However, an attack by the flames in an adjacent forest was prevented by the emergency services.

Also in Munderfing on Saturday afternoon burned about 350 square meters of high forest. However, a firefighter noticed the fire early and informed his colleagues. A large contingent of seven volunteer fire departments was quickly in place and could prevent further spread of the flames. "Discovered fifteen minutes later, it would probably be several thousand square meters," said Josef Maderegger, commander of the Mattighofen fire department, in front of ORF Upper Austria.

By the way, on Holy Saturday, the Munderfing fire brigade was not the only one on duty: shortly after noon, a 19-year-old man had burned cardboard boxes at a company facility. When the fire got very large, the man tried to extinguish the flames. Due to the wind, however, the remains of the charred cartons were blown under various scrap vehicles parked nearby. Then five bodies began to burn. The fire department was able to extinguish the fire.

At the end of Saturday night, two drivers in Weißenbachtal, between Attersee and Bad Ischl, discovered several burns along the local road. They alerted the fire department and began extinguishing the flames with the hand-held extinguishers of their cars. They were able to prevent the fire from spreading to an adjacent forest area.

A total of 50 volunteers from the volunteer fire brigades Bad Ischl, Mitterweißenbach and Steinbach am Attersee were finally able to extinguish five small fire nests. After the fire partially penetrated the soil, the soil had to be loosened by staples and irrigated accordingly. What triggered the fires was initially unknown.


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