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Firefighters had to rescue Danube calves – Lower Austria


Being "lost" on the Danube, an exhausted calf had to be rescued by a total of four fire brigades.

Four firefighters had to leave Saturday afternoon to release an exhausted calf from the Danube. Ybbs, Gottsdorf, Persenbeug, and Sarling squads were in action.

The young animal escaped from Hagsdorf and ran for the Danube. There, the animal turned out to be a true swimming professional. Two oarsmen led the calf to the port of Ybbs during the first fire brigade reconnaissance. At the harbor, a fire boat took cautious steering of the calf near the shore. After the calf landed, the firemen tried to catch the animal.

It immediately jumped into the water as it approached. In the second attempt, several firefighters were able to capture and fix the already exhausted animal. Upon arrival of the owner, the calf was loaded into a trailer and returned to his home. The calf remained unharmed during the trip.

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