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This has been a crazy, perfect journey. bachelor Andrej Mangold already in the first seconds of bachelor-Final on the camera. There are tears flowing. He is in love. In whom?

He probably still does not know that. Emotionally barely being able to act is all that. Uhhh friends, in the end, it's going to be dramatic. "I do not know if I can make that decision," he says with tears in his eyes. Ten words that express how bad it is bachelor Andrej Mangold before the big decision really goes.

The Bachelor 2019: Andrej Mangold has to decide

Who should become his chosen? Jenni or Eva? First of all, Jenni. And she has the mother's heart now bachelor has won. At the latest when she said she was reading. That was not what Mother Mangold expected. Then correct books. About love, life and other things. Fantastic.

And Dad, he loved it, too. So cool Eva can still accompany? Anyway, Jenni feels a lot of love in the family. If she left her bag right there, RTL is silent at this point. Unfortunately.

Father of Bachelor's Rated Candidate

When the final boss, then mother, finally left, finally could be kissed again. And then something is developing as well. bachelor, Something long term. What he was looking for from the beginning. God, Andrey. He can only be charming.

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Stupid just that something evolves in Eve. She has a sickening feeling about meeting Andrej's parents. Cope? Not really. Andrejs's father also thinks she's beautiful. Although he already lived in Cologne. But that's no problem for the Dusseldorf woman. Cultural shock survived.

But sweet she finds him. Oh oh. Not that Mother Mangold is getting angry right now. On the contrary, Eva seems to be the favorite of single parents. She is more mature, not so "a doll".

What about Eva?

And Eva? She fell in love with Andrey. He delighted her. This is too much for the bachelor. Tears stream down your face. After half an hour, the density of salt water is higher than in the Dead Sea. Where should this lead?

But one thing is certain for the bachelor: "This game of cat and mouse is no more!"

+ + + "The Bachelor" 2019 at RTL: Andrej Mangold shocks the fans – the favorite should go + + +

Unfortunately, the bachelor is looking at the camera. "I'm feeling in the end." Brief shock to the fans, so bad it probably was not Bachelor before.

This candidate receives the last rose

There was not much to see at the final awards ceremony. Rascally and bold-rich in words has concurrent Jenni receives the last rose of Andrej. This was followed by a meeting of some candidates – also Bachelor Andrej and Jenni were there. And answer the question that may interest many viewers: are they still a couple? Yes they are!

On Thursday, bachelor Andrej Mangold and Jenni were on the "Good morning in Germany" and of course the baby's famous question came up. They are not yet pregnant, then Jenni. But time would tell if that would not happen. Andrej Mangold and Jenni revealed another surprise: they will hire. Jenni comes to Andrej to Bonn. Return home from Bremen.

Finale of The Bachelor: Eva sits with Andrej Mangold and Jenni

But when one receives a rose, the other has to go home without ornamental scrub. She was the loser of the grand finale of "Der bachelor"- Eva from Dusseldorf She showed in the final class and survived the procedure with almost no emotion, she let the show pass after the conversation with Frauke Ludowig completely.Buddy as a girl, she kicked Andrej Mangold." He chose the girl and did not the woman, "she said.At the same time, she complimented her adversary Jenni with the saying.

The Bachelor: Eva is deeply injured

The decision against her and for Jenni. A slap in the face of the proud woman of Dusseldorf. Jenni is a "wrong person" to her. She was not right, just a "bad" person.

When she meets Bachelor Andrej Mangold again, she speaks directly about her decision. Why he decided against it. The feelings were simply more with Jenni, explains Mangold. With it, the emotions are stronger. A reasoning that makes Eva jump on the beat: "You do not just show screaming emotions," she says to the bachelor. A bad allusion to your tears on TV. And also in Jennis's tears. Not a good style.

Bad attack on Jenni

Even worse, however, was when Jenni entered the talk show. Asked, she asked Jenni, "I do not know if you know everything about our individual meeting? Our dream date. I have no idea." When asked, Eve replied eloquently, "I do not know what Andrej told her how it went. intense. "

A very bad losers action. An action that could be quickly resolved by Jenni and Andrej. Frankly, he talked to her about everything. Eva's comment under a mischievous smile: "I hope so!"

The day after the finale, Bachelor Andrej Mangold and Jenni asked the questions of the viewers in the Instagram chat. Asked about the situation with Eva, Andrej Mangold said: "I just do not think so.I called Eva before the show and wanted to clarify this in particular with her.You do not need to sit on the couch in front of the cameras."

Let's talk about sex

Also on the show were Andrej Mangold and Jenni on the subject of sex. If they ever had sex with each other on the show, Jenni would not reveal it. The bachelor Andrej Mangol, however, said something about the intimate subject. "We definitely had sex in the meantime. That's part of being together," says the bachelors. And also to the hot kisses Andrej Mangold said he had enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek. That's one of them too, says Mangold. At the words, Jenni just smiled with pleasure.

+++ "Bachelor" 2019: Radio station revealed – YOU belong to the heart of Andrej Mangold +++

This is the bachelor Andrej Mangold:

  • Born in 1987 in Germany
  • At the age of five, he started playing basketball
  • He turned his hobby into a career and became a professional basketball player
  • In 2014, he still managed the jump to the selection of the German national team
  • In 2014, he also founded the company "The Bubble Gum"

Vanessa had to go to the start dates

Whoever lost the fight is Vanessa. She was a graduation fan favorite. As nice as the 26-year-old probably was none of the women in the current season "The Bachelor".

On Wednesday, the beautiful blonde's journey ended. The bachelor Andrej Mangold decided against it. It took Jenni and Eva to the grand finale. In the conversation after the bachelor party, Vanessa was there too. She was very happy for her friend Jenni. Unlike Eve. "She breathed in her anger.

Finale von Der Bachelor: Andrej Mangold talks to Vanessa in Ditzingen at night

It was the message just before the semifinals. Bachelor Andrej Mangold is said to have been seen in Ditzingen. The small village near Stuttgart, where Vanessa coincidentally lives. What could he have done? Vacation? Sightseeing?

None of this, if you believe in Andrej Mangold himself. In an interview with RTL, the bachelors made it clear: "The topic was getting more and more touched in the press, that I was supposedly in Ditzingen and I met Vanessa. So I clearly meant that this is not the case." Bachelor also says he would not be so dumb as to let himself be seen there with Vanessa, where the grand finale is still pending.

Big problems with TV NOW

Those who wanted to find out who would like to receive the last rose on Tuesday night before the official end of the bachelor were bitterly disappointed. Because Rosenvergabe could not enjoy all of TV-NOW's customers. Thus, RTL's streaming portal apparently had major issues with dealing with customer rush. Many customers had to wait a long time to finally see Andrej Mangold at Rosenvergabe. TV Now has received numerous communications on Facebook because of the failure. The network was a real storm, customers expressed their expression of anger. Fortunately for the many fans of the baccalaureate, however, the problem could be corrected quickly.


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