FC Augsburg draws the line and launches Caiuby! | Football news


FC Augsburg were freed after a conversation on Monday with offensive player Caiuby. The Brazilian can look for a new club.

The conversation between Caiuby and the head of FC Augsburg came after the Brazilian returned for private reasons at the end of the Christmas holiday.

"It's one of our core values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we first discuss topics in person before we make them public, so we'll talk now after the conversation has taken place," emphasizes CEO Stefan Reuter.

Reuter: Caiuby injures FC Augsburg

"Basically, we can understand private problems, but we can not understand and tolerate Caiuby's general behavior, and his actions are detrimental to FC Augsburg and, above all, the team that always supported him despite some transgressions," Stefan Reuter continues.

However, Caiuby does not need to pack immediately. As the club announces, the Brazilian received an offer to train separately and individually. If Caiuby accepts this it is still open.

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