"Farmer is looking for a wife" 2018: Tayisiya and Matthias – kisses at the bus stop


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No one would expect that: the tennis pro Tayisiya and the farmer Matthias will be on Monday night in "Bauer sucht Frau" for a couple. Love is also great on other farms. Only the farmer Niels receives a serious discharge.

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In the previous 14 seasons of "Farmer Seeks a Wife", no candidate has yet to encounter as many doubts as Tayisiya Morderger.

The professional tennis player, currently listed in world ranking 568, has no real interest in farmer Matthias, so it was speculated.

Much more she just wanted to be known, maybe for formats like "Bachelor" or "jungle camp" to bring a conversation. Or just earn new followers for your Instagram account. By the way, you did very well.

On Monday night, however, the story of glamorous Tayisiya and young farmer Matthias took a turn that was not necessarily expected.

In the end even hot kisses were exchanged at the bus stop! But here's the whole story from the beginning.

A jumpsuit and rubber boots as farewell present

As Tayisiya's farewell approached, the young farmer had a surprise. And his reaction to the present showed again why many tennis spectators do not lose their serious interest in rural life and the rural population.

At first she unzipped pink rubber boots ("my first time!"), Then a red overalls. For a moment, the 21-year-old girl stopped, so she realized what she was holding by a mysterious object in her hands. That's right, it's to work, "said Tayisiya," with clarity.

The hour of truth ensued, Matthias wanted to know what he is now. Everything indicated that the tennis player would now give the farmer the pass.

"We had a lot of fun, I'll miss you as soon as you get on the bus," Matthias explained, "I have not felt much like a girl in a long time."

A palace of love seals long distance relationship

And now it has arrived, perhaps the most spectacular turn of the history of peasant domination. "I want us to try," breathed Tayisiya, the two agreed on a long-distance relationship, tears rolled.

Equally surprising was that she conjured up a castle of love in her newly made overalls, in which the names of the two young pigeons and the date were engraved. There is another saying, the young woman does not think!

Well, the skeptics will now say that the editors "Bauer sucht Frau" Tayisiya have covered the lock of love. And that Matthias will probably wait a long time for a call from the tennis player. But then the farewell scene at the bus station followed.

"I wish Matthias would kiss me now, we already took our hands, there must be a little more," Tayisiya had demanded in a dialogue with the camera. In fact, Matthias then took a heart and came to a kiss.

A "happy ending" in the style of the great Hollywood classics, so hardly anyone would expect.

Roast Pork Instead of Fish: Evil Evacuation for Niels

Love is also great on all other farms. Danielle and Kuhbauer, Christian tortoise, Steffi and Stephan, Ingeborg and Jörn even danced in love with the porch of the ranch in Canada.

Farmer Jörn confessed his love to Oliwia at the airport. Only for the Danish Niels, on Monday night, was a bad end. He obtained from his Laura the discharge that one would expect from Tayisiya by Matthias.

Already at breakfast, the disaster suggested. "Roast pork with dumplings but no fish," the Bavarian trainee reported his culinary preferences and it became clear that the North Sea coast would not be his new home.

Niels did not suspect anything bad, after a walk together (quote: "If you have a decent bride, sometimes you can walk.") And a carriage ride through the mud plains, he asked the question of all questions .

"How can you imagine that happening to us?" Niels asked carefully. "I can certainly imagine a good friendship, maybe we can visit, but it will not be solid."

Niel's cheeks brightened a little more than usual. "Friendship is sometimes more than living," he stammered. That hurt.

Glad that the farmer Matthias was spared. Next Monday he will see his Tayisiya again in the grand finale finale with the court festival.

And certainly soon after. If she is not busy filming the jungle camp or big brother celebrity.

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