"Extensive information": Hauke ​​and Baldauf in general


Seefeld – Following yesterday's arrests during the anti-doping attacks in Seefeld, the two Austrian skiers Max Hauke ​​and Dominik Baldauf, as well as a participant in the Kazakhstan World Cup, were released late Thursday. This was announced by the prosecutor's office of Innsbruck.

"According to the current state of the investigation, it can not be assumed that suspected athletes would be in large detainees, there are no grounds for pre-trial detention," according to a statement from the prosecution. Therefore, their release had been ordered.

Suspected sports fraud

Against the athletes there is the suspicion of sports fraud. Thus, they are suspected, "despite contrary obligations and statements to organizers, associations and sponsors of a prohibited doping method used and thus illegally gained support or prize money or attempts to obtain," said the prosecutor.

The two Estonian athletes, however, are still detained. His interrogations are still ongoing. In addition, the two prisoners in Seefeld's accomplices of German sports medicine, against the promoter of Munich I because of suspected commercial doping and gangs, determined that the remains were still in custody.

The prosecutor's office in Innsbruck will decide Friday morning whether, for the purpose of extradition to Germany, the transfer will be requested and transferred to the Innsbruck prison.

Physician "cooperates fully"

According to his lawyer, Dr. Mark S., who is in custody in Germany, cooperates with the investigating authorities. "The arrest warrant for our client is being executed, he is being sent to the Munich-Stadelheim jail and cooperates fully with the investigating authorities, he is doing well under the circumstances," she quoted portrait Lawyer Andreas Kreysa.

Earlier, a magistrate in Erfurt had decided not to lift the warrant against the doctor of Thuringia but to "confirm the period of detention," a prosecutor's spokeswoman in Munich said. (TT.com)


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