Exchange Express deal with Apple raises Qualcomm to $ 4.7 billion


The agreement in the longstanding patent dispute with
Apple becomes the Qualcomm chip company at the
$ 4.5 billion to $ 4.7 billion in the current quarter. IS
the first indication of the magnitude of Apple's payment in the course
of the comparison made two weeks ago. Qualcomm expected in
Number, however, also pays off obligations
Apple and the iPhone manufacturers with pure.

The dispute with Apple had the financially difficult chip company
Qualcomm has since 2017 no more payments from the
IPhone contracted manufacturers and had the lost revenue
estimated at seven billion dollars, plus interest.

Also in the second fiscal quarter ended at the end of March,
the tension is still noticeable. Sales declined year on year
five to five billion dollars, as Qualcomm later
The US stock market closed on Wednesday. Profit could
Companies at the same time, among other things, thanks to the lower spending on 663
Millions of dollars doubled.

Less payment from Apple's comparison, Qualcomm expects
the current year with new declining revenues. Apple must first
again appear as Qualcomm's customer next year.
With the second largest smartphone maker today, Huawei
Qualcomm continues without a permanent patent contract. Investors
were not impressed by the prospect: the lost stock in the
after-hours trading sometimes about five percent.

Apple began the dispute with Qualcomm two years ago
and accused the company in a lawsuit, very high royalties for
to demand their patents and operate unfair competition.
Qualcomm responded with allegations that Apple devices were being used by Apple
The group invented the technology used without a patent license. Related Apple
modems for the latest iPhone models exclusively in
Intel Semiconductor Giant – after the liquidation of the
Patent dispute the deal with smartphone chips.

Above all, Qualcomm is considered a leader in
Smartphone chips are known, patent licenses are the second – and
more profitable – pillar. This business model is also after the
End of Apple dispute under pressure: In January there was a process
on a complaint filed by the US FTC that unjustly tortures Qualcomm
Competition through patent licenses as a prerequisite for
Accused of delivering chips. This procedure is not supported by
Jury, but ruled by a judge, his verdict
is still pending./so/DP/he

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