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Estonia – Germany on ticker: red against Can – Gündogan and Werner save DFB-Elf

The DFB team had to face Estonia. Creates the German national team in qualifying for the European Championship in the next win. The game on the clock.

Estonia – Germany 0: 3 (0: 0), Sunday, 20.45 clock

Estonia: Lepmets – Kams, Tamm, Mets, Pikk – Antonov – Baranov, Ainsalu, Vassilijev, Liivak – Sappinen

Germany: New – Klostermann, Can, Süle, Halstenberg – Kimmich, Gündogan, Havertz – Brandt, Waldschmidt (66 Timo Werner), Reus

Goals: Ilkay Gündogan (51., 56.), Timo Werner (69.)

referee: Georgi Kabakov (Bulgaria)

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22:38: So celebrate the DFB team a must win, but with a G & schmäckle comes. An unnecessary blackout led the young team outnumbered and almost to the bredoullie. If Estonia had used one of its two chances, who knows what would have happened then?

Even more significance gets the trio for the Dutch success in Belarus. Although Oranje swayed violently, but by the 2-1 victory, but managed to sit at the top of the table.

Final whistle: Germany outnumber Estonia

93 minutes: And Estonia can try again. Sulee saves riding.

92th minute: It is still a goal approach. Timo Werner shoots from an acute angle.

90th minute: Three minutes of injury time are displayed. Is something going on here?

88th minute: A lone trumpet plays the final chord in a match that had a certain entertainment value. After joining Emre Can, the hosts were there and worked as they could. Unfortunately, it must be said from the Estonian point of view that they broke a double bundle of luck from Ilkay Gündogan's neck. Timo Werner put the lid on, now the game is coming to an end.

86th minute: Before the corner, Löw brings a new man. Nadiem Amiri can play for Julian Brandt.

85th minute: Good graduation from Werner. At about 18 meters, Leipzig completes plan. Lepmets dips the ball beautifully out of the corner.

83 minutes: Once again, it gets loud. This time, Käit enters the criminal area for the marble. He knows Niklas Süle.

82th minute: Suddenly, Ainsalu has a great chance of achieving the honorable goal. The kullert travels flat across the German penal area. So Havertz doesn't go consistently and Ainsalu can shoot. But that makes the center of Neuer very weak.

80th minute: Germany launch a counter attack at Timo Werner. In front of the big area are three against three and Werner meets Brandt. This ends with a weak left but does not reach the gate.

78th minute: Despite the higher numbers, the Estonians are now obviously knocked out, the German team let them run a lot. The rooms are now bigger and duels are no longer bilious.

77th minute: Great time for Suat Serdar. He plays for Marco Reus and celebrates, after his debut against Argentina, his first game in a competitive match.

76th minute: In the last quarter of an hour, Estonia now has nothing to lose. Is strength still sufficient for the honorary goal?

Minute 74: So the game is probably decided. Estonia were unlucky in the first two matches and were not rewarded for poor performance. 3: 0 was then a product of Joachim Loew's conversion. The parked Werner was found and then put away the rest.

69th minute: Ilkay Gündogan again with great participation. With a marvelous diagonal ball over midfield, he finds Timo Werner in the penalty area. Werner steps back again and turns savvy in the long corner.

3: 0! The Joker represents Germany

67th minute: The DFB team is now in a 4-4-1 against the ball in the halls. Werner lurks ahead, which should probably be sent with speed on counterattacks.

66th minute: Now comes Timo Werner. Luca Waldschmidt has to leave the camp, which remained pale today.

64th minute: Klostermann now in cooperation with Kai Haverzt. They completely understand each other and lose the ball. Zenjov departs on his journey and is stopped by Niklas Süle in the penalty area. Now there is the corner.

63th minute: Shortly after, it gets hot in the German penal area. A cross in the short post is clarified by Süle and Klostermann in teamwork. Although Leipzig were the last on the ball, there is a kick.

62th minute: Amazing change in Estonia. Captain Vassilijev, who works hard here, is leaving the field. That's why 21-year-old Mattias Käit from NK Domzale.

61st minute: Sodala, now "the team" is ahead with two goals. Now is the mandatory drop in performance?

57th minute: Again there was a lot of luck. But the attack was good at first. Germany combines from left to right and then back to the center. In the penalty area, Reus retreated and Gündogan didn't hesitate much, hitting the ball on two Estonian defenders. Once again he finds his way to the goal.

2: 0! Gündogan meets again

56th minute: The goal is poison for the Estonian Matchplan. The hosts must again take more initiative if they want to bring the favorite here to stumble. Too much, but not a crazy idea.

51 minutes: 1: 0! Ilkay Gündogan tries from afar and hits Marco Reus's heel. As a result, the ball rotates unsustainably to the lower left corner. Happy leadership for Germany.

Goal! Gundogan meets to lead Germany

49th minute: Havertz, Brandt and Gündogan try to conjure up in the great area of ​​Estonia. It takes a little time, but it's too long. The rooms are incredibly narrow and the end of the ball is over.

47th minute: The first submission after the break belongs to Estonia. Vassilijev and Liivak advance in the counterattack. Liivak moves from the area, but no problem for Manuel Neuer.

46th minute: The ball runs again and, as expected, Jogi waives a change. At the end of the first semester, the processes were also quite good.

Re-whistle: Germany does not change despite resignation

pause: Have a brief overview and one thing stands out: not even the sports program can resist the "May" puns. We try not to hop on the train and sum it up. Just draw so far.

Interval: Germany runs out of goals and ten for halftime

45th minute: However, Estonia does not want the Germans to have any fun here. Without a ball, they are incredibly committed and don't allow much. After all, they were able to find two good opportunities with the ball. We can get excited.

43 minutes: Shortly before the break, Germany again recovered very well. Have more control over the game again. With Kimmich as international defender, Joachim Löw should not react to the relegation at halftime.

40th minute: Marco Reus circles the ball over the wall. Lepmets takes the attempt halfway, but suddenly the ball falls again – and hits the post. Lucky for Estonia.

39th minute: Good free kick position for Germany. At the top, Baranov sees yellow.

38th minute: Havertz in conjunction with Reus. A quick replacement and Dortmund throws a sharp flank on the journey. First Brandt flies by and Klostermann hits a hole in the air.

36th minute: Brandt reaches the baseline. The first time with lots of space in a good situation. Your crossing arrives as a tired pass directly to Keeper Lepmets.

34th minute: Phew! A scene like the circle class. Estonia tries to develop in a playful way, but the pass-by-pass gets more nervous until one of them hits the ball in the opponent. He is happy just for playing a bad pass for nothing at all.

33rd minute: Meanwhile, the German trading game is too slow to catch the untrained Estonians.

31 minutes: Giant opportunity for Estonia. Vassilijev is alone in the penal area while a very high flank is slowly sailing towards him. However, apparently no one feels responsible for blocking it and thus he can play volleyball. Süle throws himself at the last moment.

30th minute: Referee Kabakov is not patient. Lepmets is shown the first yellow card of the match due to play time.

29 minutes: Halstenberg finds a lot of space on the left side but is blocked. He and Klostermann will have to revive the offensive.

27 minutes: Fewer Germany are always happy to film. Against the compact defensive of the Estonians now probably the means of choice. Kimmich fired, but absolutely harmless.

25 minutes: Finally, we see the first really close of the German team. Waldschmidt unpacks the left hull and hits the ball on goal. Lepmets can distract the pendulum to the corner.

23 minutes: The DFB-Elf seems to digest the shock slowly. Start attacks again now. A walk won't be tonight's game, but certainly not.

22th minute: The difference in the four backs is filled by Kimmich. But Marco Reus falls in midfield.

20 minutes: Estonia receives a lot of support from the ranks and seems to be really confident in dealing with the situation. The blue players now more on the ball.Germany retracts for their part.

15 minutes: Krasse Unkonzentriertheit at the German Viererkette! After winning the ball in midfield, Süle receives the marble and pressure from Estonia. Then make a pass in the back of Emre Can, who does not accept this. Surprised by an approaching Estonian, he must get on the ball, but finds his opponent and flies to the square's emergency brake.

Red against Germany! Emre Can flies off course!

12th minute: Even the counterattack approach is wildly applauded by the host fans. Atmospheric, the game has more of a DFB Cup at the Grünwalder Stadion than a European Championship qualification. Do we like.

11th minute: Niklas Süle is the last man in half of Estonia. Germany is pushing. But Estonia is pretty baffled. It will not be easy to go through this.

9th minute: Kimmich gets the ball after a tee in the face. Therefore, mob Kappo Vassilijev.

6th minute: Estonians are working here at full pressure. Like eleven terriers, they hunt each duel. But the German team can play the ball very fast, which can be tiring.

4th minute: It can stay in focus. Almost comes to an intersection of the field. But goalkeeper Lepmets is wide awake and they shake, the ball clears.

2nd minute: He can go on.

1st minute: After 30 seconds is already the first amazing moment. Rauno Sappinen walks Emre Can over his foot. He keeps lying.

Kick-off! Germany want to score important points in Estonia

20:43: Karel Voolaid happily greets Joachim Löw. Maybe because he owes his work to him? After 0: 8 in the first leg, its predecessor was released.

20:38: Now the teams are on the field at the crowded "Le Coq Arena". The night for long-term burner manager Oliver Bierhoff has already saved. The empty ranks on Wednesday in Dortmund were already a little darker.

But the explanation stifles joy again: the stadium in Tallinn can only seat 15,000 spectators. Does DFB play its home games in the future only in Ingolstadt us Sinsheim?

20:21: Jogi reveals in the field interview that Gnabry himself complained that he had not been free in the head and therefore asked the bank.

Meanwhile, he promises a more offensive orientation from Wunderknabe Kai Havertz. Grinsebacke Jürgen Klinsmann likes this.

20.07 watch: For the sake of perfection, the Estonian bank here: Marko Meerits, Mattias Käit, Madis Vihmann, Vlasiy Sinyavskiy, Erik Sorga, Sergei Zenjov, Henrik Ojamaa, Vladislav Kreida, Martin Miller, Ken Kallaste, Matvei Igonen and Taijo Teniste.

20:04: By the way, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Bernd Leno, Robin Koch, Sebastian Rudy, Suat Serdar, Serge Gnabry and Timo Werner are all sitting on the German bench.

The most interesting personalities are clearly Gnabry and Serdar. Probably Gnabry should only be used in emergency situations, which we do not necessarily expect against Estonia. Instead, Schalke can be counted on for DFB's first service game and for him the determination of the German association. It would not be possible to change the national team. After his appointment, the Turkish coach expressed annoyance that Serdar was already in contact with him.

19:46: Luca Waldschmidt would be sitting on the bench despite his dedicated performance against Argentina. Gnabry's injury frees Freiburg now in the top eleven.

19:37: Surprisingly, Joachim Löw resigns to Robin Koch and places an unqualified defender with Emre Can alongside Niklas Süle. Well, if true, we can only determine at kick-off, but Argentina's test leaves no other conclusion. Even against Albiceleste played the Juventus midfielder in the last row.

19:33: If Netzgemeinde saddles his fingers because Emre Can and Ilkay Gündogan compared a photo of the Turkish national team, we are happy that DFB's social media department turned to the keyboard and informed us of the initial lineup.

19.10 watch: Twitter short check and we can say it's official. Serge Gnabry cannot play from the beginning. As a precaution, Joachim Löw puts Bayern's star on the bench as a precaution. He saw in the French federation how angry the record champion can be when using problem players.

19:06: Now the team enters the stadium – causing confusion. The bus is bright yellow and on it we see elephants and parrots. It is probably rented by a local bus company. Thumbs up on us: not driving your own bus across Europe is great in terms of climate technology.

19:04: Now Sky wants to know that Gnabry will not be in the starting position. But they also provide an all-clear mini: he'll probably be sitting on the bench.

Injury shock before match in Estonia? Serge Gnabry threatens to fail

18:33: Bad news from Tallinn! As Bild and Sky agree, top scorer Serge Gnabry is unlikely to be here tonight.

Muscle problems had already plagued the Bayern star during the week. Although he has managed to return to team training, it now looks worse again. Although Estonia is not exactly a fierce opponent, Gnabry will surely miss his Torgefahr.

17:21: The final list has not yet been corrected and there are diligent rumors. Who is fit again? Who could have tripped unhappily in the hotel room?

The most likely returnee is Timo Werner. Which makes an initial effort by Marco Reus always improbable. Does he really have to go after young people because of his form crisis?

Tallinn – At the A. Le Coq Arena, the German national team will play the next round of the European Championship on Sunday at 20:45. The Estonian hosts have scored just one point in their previous six meetings and have conceded 18 in two goals. So does everything speak for Joachim Loew's troops, or not?

One thing can be fatal to the 2014 world champion: the bruise. The lineup of the game against Argentina will probably not be there soon (here at Ticker for reading). Right after the game, Löw said: "Timo Werner is doing better, he should be back on Friday again. With Ilkay Gündogan there is still a question mark, I don't want to increase the pressure, muscle injuries are always very difficult," he said. the trainer: "Niklas Stark, you need to wait, he has a gastrointestinal history, but according to the doctor, but quickly over. And Marco Reus will be operational on Sunday."

In the short term, Toni Kroos, Jonas Hector and Matthias Ginter had to cancel. This will add to the injury list, which includes Leroy Sané, Antonio Rüdiger, Leon Goretzka, Kevin Trapp, Nico Schulz, Julian Draxler and Thilo Kehrer.

Estonia – Germany: Joachim Loew's cast playing Tallinn


Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich), Marc-Andre ter Stegen (FC Barcelona), Bernd Leno (Arsenal FC)


Robin Koch (SC Freiburg), Marcel Halstenberg (RB Leipzig), Lukas Klostermann (RB Leipzig), Niklas Stark (Hertha BSC), Niklas Süle (Bayern Munich), Jonathan Tah (Bayer Leverkusen)

Mittelfed / Attack

Nadiem Amiri (Bayer Leverkusen), Julian Brandt (Borussia Dortmund), Emre Can (Juventus), Serge Gnabry (Bayern Munich), Ilkay Gundogan (Manchester City), Kai Havertz (Bayer Leverkusen), Joshua Kimmich (Bayern Munich), Sebastian Rudy (TSG Hoffenheim), Suat Serdar (FC Schalke 04), Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund), Luca Waldschmidt (SC Freiburg), Timo Werner (RB Leipzig)


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