Dyson launches intelligent LED light on the market


The fact that the manufacturer of the vacuum cleaner and fan still develops lighting products goes up Jake Dyson, the son of the founder of the company James Dysonback. He started his own business with his own lighting company, but was taken back to the executive floor in conjunction with the company in 2015. After being quiet for a long time around the Dyson lighting division, the new lights indicate that the group wants to be attentive to the subject of light. Given Dyson's planned electric car, synergy effects are likely to be expected.

Nothing for bargain hunters

By positioning the high-priced lights, the 499 euros (desktop version) or 749 euros (floor lamp), Dyson targets the business market. However, the various functions, including standby and reading, indicate that the revised version should appeal to a wider audience, such as product images suggest use away from the table – for example, the room and the living room.

Disclaimer: Participation in the presentation of the product in Paris including travel expenses was charged by Dyson.


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