Thursday , May 13 2021

Duchess Meghan: On her knees – despite her belly XXL, she does not want to give up this gesture

Inaugural visit to the National Theater in London! Duchess Meghan was thrilled not only with a romantic look at apricot in her first appointment as patron of the theater. Especially in dealing with her little fans, she was considerate and charming, to a young, pregnant high she knelt down.

Duchess Meghan (37) is engaged in conversation, all her attention is focused on the girl in front of her. Then the pregnant mother suddenly sinks to her knees, goes to eye level. The girl's name is Blessing (13) and she is sitting in a wheelchair. With her beautiful gesture, the Duchess of Sussex puts herself and her interlocutor on the same level, demonstrating a great deal of empathy. But who says that Prince Harry's highly pregnant wife (34) would have a problem with fast moving, which is wrong. Despite a beautiful baby ball, the 37-year-old man sinks with remarkable grace on the floor.

She certainly had some valuable tips for her little fan. Because Blessing participated in performances of Shakespeare's play "Pericles" and was able to learn more about his skills and gain self-confidence. But this is not the only special meeting during Meghan's visit to the National Theater on Wednesday, January 30. Even a little boy enchants it with a charming gesture that he will not forget so easily. What is behind this and if the Duchess was as elegant as below, you will learn in the video above.

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