DSDS sensation! Pietro Lombardi is in love – confession of love


The German casting program DSDS has been at RTL since 2002. This year, singer Pietro Lombardi is a jury. A show candidate took a special liking for him.

DSDS – Germany is looking for superstar (DSDS) inspires viewers this year with Pietro Lombardi on the jury. Since January 5, the new season of the popular TV show has returned to RTL. It's already the 16th transmission. In 2002, the cast began for the first time, already with Disareter Bohlen on the jury. Since then, the show has been broadcast annually with the pop titan as the main jury. Based on the concept of the British "Pop Idol" program, candidates for the talent show are sought through applications and auditions throughout Germany. Participants participate in several rounds, the so-called recall, usually the four-member jury.

Not only does the singing of the DSDS candidates decide

Decisive is their singing as well as their appearance. Pietro Lombardi, who won the DSDS, scored points with his mostly spirited style, his vocal talents were not the best. After the qualifying stage at DSDS, viewers are in demand at the show motto. Participants compete with each other on various topics, such as "favorite songs" or "old and new".

Then the audience decides who won the ticket for the next round. The winner of the TV program receives a recording contract and, since 2018, a prize of 100,000 euros for the winner. The value was lowered after the 14th season.

"Deutschland sucht den Superstar" has been at RTL since 2002

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Throughout the sixteen DSDS squads, the program has seen many familiar faces – not just Pietro Lombardi. As members of the jury as well as moderators, Dieter Bohlen brought some celebrities on board. Then the show began in 2002 with Swiss-Italian host and singer Michelle Hunziker in moderation. Several seasons later, Bruce Darnell, choreographer and model, sat in one of the jury seats. The American later participated in the casting show GNTM and Supertalent also on the jury.

DSDS: Kay One also served on the jury

In addition, in 2013, two boys from Tokio Hotel joined the Bohlen crew. Twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz evaluated the talents in the tenth season. In addition, rapper Kay One, DJ Antoine and YouTuberin and singer Shirin David were among the members of the jury.

Even some of the finalists and winners are now considered German celebrities. Alexander Klaws, winner of the first show in 2002, is now a famous musical artist. The recently departed Daniel Küblböck also participated in the first season and reached the finals. He later became known as a German singer. Even star Beatrice Egli began her DSDS career and won the tenth season before becoming famous.

DSDS 2019: Pietro Lombardi returns

German pop singer Pietro Lombardi participated in the 2011 talent show. Together with Sarah Lombardi, he reached the final and beat his future wife. So there will be a return this year at the casting show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". Because Pietro Lombardi returns as a jury. (Sarah Lombardi must also be on the jury?) He participates in the jury along with Xavier Naidoo, Oana Nechiti and, of course, Dieter Bohlen. Season 16 will be moderated again by Oliver Geissen, who has been there since 2015.

Currently, the first rounds of the 2019 DSDS show are underway and, although it is already season 16, the popularity is not narrowing. On the contrary, the first episodes have already reached ratings of more than four million spectators, as quotenmeter.de reported.

Pietro Lombardi: The jury member makes a confession of love

Early in the new season, Pietro Lombardi is making headlines. The 2019 DSDS jury is in love. Deep glances, two smiling smiles and a confession of love bear witness to this: DSDS candidate Momo Chahine has charmed the 26-year-old jury from the first second before the performance. At home, the participant prefers to sing the songs of Pietro Lombardi and thus met before being broadcast on social networks, such as derwesten.de writes. Entry into the recall is not yet a picnic for 22-year-olds.

Pietro Lombardi just in love: In a candidate for DSDS

Momo will perform in the third casting on January 12, presenting the DSDS jury with two songs by Tim Bendzko and Namika. But enthusiasm about their performance is limited. "It was a bit weak," says vocalist Xavier Naidoo. For him, all this is "a little too much breathing." Oana Nechiti does not seem to like Momo very much. Reactions to the second song "Je ne parle pas français" are equally subdued. Even Pietro Lombardi has to admit: "Momo, I really expected a lot more." He was not convinced by the performance of his protege.

Momo Chahine did not immediately convince the judges of the DSDS with his performance


"But I love you no matter what others say"It means a yes from your" brother "Pietro Lombardi (Also, with DSDS: Alicia Awa, where hot photos now appear).

DSDS: Dieter Bohlen can not resist this

After Dieter Bohlen had a common candidate in the last episode, he can not say no in Momo's positive mood this time around. "I think the girls will like you," he is convinced. In addition, according to Bohlen, Momo sings better than his idol Pietro Lombardi for the first time. The producer can not resist this little joke against his fellow jury.

Dieter Bohlen and Pietro Lombardi are convinced of the charisma of the candidate


So there are two or two for the recall, because Xavier and Oana are still not convinced. But with Pietro Lombardi as a joker joker, the next round is safe. So the 22 year old flirts only in the recall and can be satisfied at the end with an applause on the yellow memo note. Parts of the current DSDS season are currently running every Tuesday and Saturday at 8:15 am on rtl,

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