Sunday , March 7 2021

Deutsche Bank recovers profit after three years of losses

O German bank has 2018 after three years of losses in turn, profit again
done. As the largest German money house on Friday in Frankfurt
announced the final result was 341 million euros. at the
Last year, the institute had a net loss of 735 million
You have to accept the euro.

CEO Christian Sewing expressed satisfaction: "The return to
The profit zone shows that the German bank you are in the right way. "Good
go to the next steps: "We are going to 2019 cost
continue to lower and, at the same time, invest in growth. This is how we become
our profitability remains substantial even beyond the current year
increase shareholders. "Despite the profit, shareholders must have only one
Dividend of 11 cents per share.

CEO dared for the current year sewing without concrete
profit forecast. However, it should be to group restructuring and legal cases
Adjusted costs of the bank fall to 21.8 billion euros and, therefore, something
stronger than previously planned. The goal, the number of jobs this year under
Reducing 90,000 was reaffirmed. In addition, it should provide a return of more than
give four percent.

Like other major institutes, German bank in the fourth quarter in
the turmoil in the financial markets and slipped to the red. O
Less was 409 million euros. Especially trade with
Weak titles. Here is one less than 23 percent to 786
Millions of euros to book. The relevant for stress tests, among others
The most important German bank Tier 1 index was at the end of 2018
13.8 percent said.

The provisions for litigation could significantly in the previous year
be reduced. Then, 19 of the 20 cases, the highest in early 2016
financial risk was totally or partially resolved,
the institute reported. New subjects on these scales
were not added. The provisions for litigation
At the end of 2018, according to the Geldhaus, it was 1.2 billion euros. O
were 40% lower than at the end of 2017.

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