Death of the death on the son of Peter Alexander


The mystery of death over the son of successful legend Peter Alexander: Michael Neumayer († 56) died in Turkey under mysterious circumstances. Fatma Sertturk, a police spokesman in Antalya, Turkey, confirmed oe24 and ÖSTERREICH the death of the 56-year-old man. Maria Holzmann of the Austrian Foreign Ministry also confirmed the death of an Austrian citizen in Belek in an Austrian inquiry.

Neumayer lived with his partner in southern Turkey Belek in the Serik district. It is known that the deceased had to fight in the past with health problems.

Third-party debt not excluded

The situation may have given the local authorities any mystery, which is why an autopsy was ordered. Third party debt can not be excluded. Death should have happened a few days ago. Now the autopsy result is expected.

Larissa Eckhardt


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