Sunday , February 28 2021

Dangerous caring unit: tourist trait cat – a little later, she sits in a wheelchair!

An Englishwoman went on vacation in Portugal and met a small kitten. The woman took care of the poor velvet paw, but that is why shortly afterwards she was sitting in a wheelchair forever.

Who does not know: One is on vacation and all of a sudden they are there – cute street cats. An Englishwoman (24), who was on vacation in Albufeira, Portugal, did the same. She met a small kitten and felt sorry, as "" reported. She fed the cat and even let her into her apartment. But that must change your whole life.

Vomiting and impotence

Shortly after the 24-year-old girl took the cat with her, she had to vomit several times. When the holiday was over, she had to leave the kitten behind and get the plane home, it happened: the girl collapsed during the flight and had to be taken to the hospital immediately after landing.

The shock followed: the doctors found in the patient's chair the Campylobacter bacteria. Apparently, she had become infected with the street cat in Portugal. Which, in turn, the doctors suspected, seized the bacteria while sweeping the garbage. After a week, the woman was able to leave the hospital. But shortly thereafter he had to return: he could no longer feel his arms and legs and no longer controlled the movement of the intestine.

Guillan-Barré-Sydrom by the cat

After extensive research, doctors had to determine: The English has the Guillan-Barre-Sydrom – caused by the bacteria Campylobacter. The nervous illness cost a lot of strength to the woman, she fought for 14 months against the disease, but still today she sits in a wheelchair. "As much as I love her, I could not touch street cats any more," he concludes bitterly.

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