Daimler cuts profits – less dividends than expected


The Daimler numbers for the last quarter of 2018 can not convince. Although the figures for the fourth quarter in line with expectations, but the Stuttgart automaker reported a drastic drop in profits. The dividend is also lower.

Dividend income of 6.2 percent

One small disappointment is the announced dividend. After 3.65 euros per share for 2017, the news agency Bloomberg Analysts surveyed for 2018 at 3.40 euros. Finally, Daimler will distribute only 3.25 euros to investors. But this corresponds to a dividend yield of 6.2%.

Impulses of Ola Källenius

Now it is expected that Ola Källenius will give new impetus to the manufacturer of the car. At the next Annual General Meeting in May, Dieter Zetsche will deliver the scepter to Ola Källenius. But he could set new accents as the new boss. Whether in terms of electromobility, even in moving cars or in the production of batteries.

200 days more line in sight

The numbers will not give the stock any new impetus. It is quite possible that the shares will spend between 51.20 and 53.15 euros in the short term. A test of the 90-day line at 50.73 euros is also possible. Only with the jump on horizontal obstacles in the range between 53.50 and 54.80 euros, the image of the graph would be even lighter. The next goal would then be 60.00 euros.


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