Cretaceous: New generalized disease threatens teething


The protruding teeth, but also the front teeth, are sensitive to heat, cold or chemical stimuli. Meanwhile, more and more children are affected by the disease.

The teeth have a rough surface and are irregular – which encourages tooth decay, dentists said. The children were in pain while they drank, ate and cleaned their teeth. Caused by disturbances in enamel mineralization, explained the German Society of Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Important is a quick visit to the dentist.

New common Cretaceous disease until registered in the fetus

According to the president of the German Society of Pediatric Dentistry, Norbert Krmer, about 10 to 15 percent of children suffer from chalk. A new study proved in 30% of chalk below age. Cretaceous teeth, therefore, would have to be called a new generalized disease, Krmer said. The disease, incisive molar hypomineralization (MIH), was first described in 1987.

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First Zahnschden were recorded according to medical associations already in the fetus in the eighth month of pregnancy. Several causes are currently discussed. There may be problems during pregnancy, infectious diseases, antibiotics, chicken pox, dioxin, and upper respiratory tract disorders. In animal experiments, a connection was detected between the plasticizer bisphenol A and chalk tufts. The precise cause is considered unexplained, write the associations.

This helps against the disease: visits to the dentist and fluoride toothpaste

The yellowish-white to yellowish-brown surface can be found in individual Zahnhckern or the entire surface of the tooth. The teeth split partially. Regular visits to the dentist, cleaning with toothpaste containing fluoride at home, treatments with fluoridated varnish on the doctor and the construction of broken teeth can help keep them, said Stefan Zimmer, president of the German Society of Preventive Dentistry.


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