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Climber died after falling into Katrin

Tragically ended a three friends climb on Saturday at Katrin in Bad Ischl. A 44-year-old climber from the Linz-Land district slipped on the way to via ferrata and fell about 70 meters. He was rescued mortally wounded but died at night in the UKH Linz.

The man and his two friends – 43 and 46 – departed Saturday morning to reach the 1542-meter-high summit of Katrin via via ferrata. With the cable car, the trio headed for the mountain station, from where they marched the three directions via ferrata. According to police, this approach route is already demanding and dangerous in some places. At these points the path is protected with fixed ropes.

The 44-year-old climber was the most experienced of the trio and was the first to progress. Just before ten thirty in the morning, the three reached one of these points. The walker wanted to grab the fixed rope to hold on as he slipped on the path and knocked. The fall was slowed for now, so that the two companions still had contact with their friend. The 44-year-old man fell further, a total of about 70 meters. As their comrades received no sign from their friend, they warned of the mountain rescue. The ambulance helicopter, mountain rescue and alpine police team provided the life-threatening wounded and hid it with the rope.

This quick help from Bad Ischl Mountain Rescue was at hand due to the fact that they performed their fall exercise in Weißenbachtal with 25 people, as area manager Bernhard Schmid reports: "When the alarm came we got a team immediately Katrin We sent five of us to the rescue and one of them flew the rope. " Even some passages on the way to via ferrata are dangerous, as Schmid confirms: "If you slip there, you slide over steep, rocky terrain and you can no longer cling to it." (Rokl)



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