City we will remove the "signature" of your employee in the new parallelepipeds again


City we will remove the "signature" of your employee in the new parallelepipeds again

Steyr. The construction manager of the magistrate apologized with humor, the mayor demands compensation.

City left

That's it: Hingerl's paving stones have been removed. Image:

Yesterday, viewers snapped cell phones and cameras at the letters hidden in Steyr's new parallelepipeds before the pneumatic drill clicked. Mayor Gerald Hackl (SP) left in the morning to remove the signature with the signature, which was the manager of the site in the municipality and City Hall colleague Franz-Michael Hingerl, in space redrawn with black and gray granite stones – ON informed exclusively,

Among the passersby, the devil had ridden the officer that he had taken such an important role to immortalize himself on the sidewalk. The grotesque called half a dozen TV crews to the square in front of the town hall, whose camera operators were still trying to film one or another of the letters hidden on the "Hingerl" sidewalk.

The platoon became known to the magistrate, who, as a former member of the alliance, wanted to put his name on the building, by a Steyr electrician. He had lines in the square where he discovered several letters and followed the line they were on. As the ON learned, Hingerl had planned four more special jobs for paving companies: as an artist signing his work, he wanted to end the registration of his name with the year "2018". But it did not come to that.

Hingerl's creative desire led to a headache at the city hall. Mayor Gerald Hackl (SP) condemned "the action from a 12-year-old child" abruptly and also put a warning on the Hingerls team. Hackl did not see a reason for his rejection of Hingerl as a SP councilman: "He now has to shoulder the consequences of this nonsense, which is a shame because he, as site supervisor, did a great job, which he personally damaged . "

"Of course," says the head of the city hall, the city of Hingerl also requires the costs for the additional work of plasterers, which add up to a few hundred euros. Asked by some of the interviewees to leave the magistrate's name on the pavement as a curious sight, Hackl did not respond: "No, we do not want a pilgrimage to a failed idea. Our visitors should rather enjoy the beautiful new place."

Franz-Michael Hingerl, who admitted in his rather regretful environment for committing a big ass, yesterday bravely resisted the hype. That he is one of the city's creative chiefs, he proved with an original explanation of his blackout. In an e-mail to construction consultant and deputy mayor Helmut Zttl (FP) he apologized in the morning, especially in the neighbors of the town square "H" ohlrieder, "I" mperial, "N" anu, "Gerger," E – Oberbank Banking, "R" athaus, "L" eopold for the inconvenience caused by it. Deputy Mayor Helmut Zttl's reply proves that no one in Affre should be a monster: "Apology accepted."

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