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Capital Bra jumps over Helene Fischer: "Get out of there"


Helene Fischer can only laugh. Image: imago stock & people

Capital Bra wants to help Helene Fischer after a mega-flop: "Let's get it out of there"

In fact, the German musical scene is used for everything that touches Helene Fischer turns into gold. More than twelve million records sold today are worth the bargain. So it is somewhat surprising that the pop singer, who even in 2018 on Forbes' list of the most successful music stars, has stayed with her. new single one real flop delivered.

Helene sings that Ballad in its unknown English like the soundtrack to the movie "Traumfabrik", so far the low call numbers (about a million clicks on Youtube within two weeks; in the first week not in the top 200 in Spotify) is not really surprising.

But this still has someone in the scene who dredged for a long time already in the singer: Capital Bra. He walks along the street with rapper Samra and realizes that Helene Fischer launches a "mega-flop" with his new song. "Come on Helene, let's get you out of there," says Samra and Capital Bra repeatedly in his story on Instagram:

Here you can see the video about Helene Fischer:

It is more than questionable that Fischer responds. The 34-year-old has already canceled the rapper for a collaboration. Several times. But the Capital Bra does not seem to accept the basket.

By the way, however, another German music star intervened and Helene Fischer wants to give tips: Dieter Bohlen said in a radio interview, the new single certainly failed because of language. "The only reason is English."

His advice to the Schlagerqueen: "Stay only in German!"

Mero in the race with Capital Bra for the number 1:


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