Börse Express – 3 "Warren Buffett Stocks" to buy in November


Warren Buffett paid some stock during the October crisis? But for sure. After all, it is the man who once advised investors to be "careful when others are greedy and greedy when others hesitate."

Obviously, investors' biggest concerns are over now, but there are still strong stocks at reasonable prices. Here are three of them that Warren Buffett has in his portfolio and that seem like good choices for November: Apple (Code: 865985), MasterCard (WKN: A0F602) and Markel (WKN: 885036).

1. Apple

Warren Buffett is not worried about Apple's guidance. While this indicates that revenue growth will decline over the next quarter, Buffett said in an August interview to CNBC that he does not consider the Guidance relevant anyway because he believes "saw that leads to bad things. "

Buffett focuses more on what's really important to Apple – the enduring strength of the brand and the vast ecosystem of products and services. Even investors who do not necessarily push billions should focus on these things.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told a conference that "We begin our Christmas season with our strongest range of products and services of all time. "Cook is not wrong.While Wall Street is concerned about Apple's forecast for the quarter ended in December, the company expects to generate at least $ 90 billion in revenue and probably more than $ 21 billion in revenue.

In the long run, Apple should continue to generate strong returns for investors. Template updates on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac can charm customers over and over again. New innovations in wearables, appliances, augmented reality and virtual reality should also ensure Apple's growth in the coming years.

Buffett deliberately made Apple's largest holding company Berkshire Hathaway (WKN: A0YJQ2) This stock is still a good choice.

2. Mastercard

Berkshire does not have nearly as many Mastercard shares as Apple. But it looks like the credit card giant is an attractive option for Buffett to add more shares to its portfolio.

Mastercard had a good Q3, as the reports show. Compared to the previous year, the company recorded strong revenue and profit growth. Mastercard performed particularly well in markets outside the US, despite the contrary winds.

CEO Ajay Banga said at the Q3 conference: "Our business profits, new partnerships and differentiated service offerings are helping to increase our global momentum. "Perhaps the most important part of Banga's statement is its emphasis on "differentiated service offerings" of the Mastercard.

Mastercard brings together its central payment infrastructure with security features, data analysis, loyalty point management and other products and services. This differentiation helps the company attract new customers and retain existing customers.

The world is turning to financial transactions without money. Mastercard is one of the key players in this payment revolution.

3rd mark

Attention: Berkshire Hathaway does not hold shares of Markel. Zero, nothing. So why does Markel get on this list of Buffett's best stocks you can buy in November? Well, Markel really offers everything Buffett likes about an action.

In many ways, Markel himself is a mini-Berkshire. It is a holding company that focuses mainly on insurance and reinsurance, but also owns other companies and shares of other companies. This looks a lot like Berkshire.

Markel co-CEO Tom Gayner even looks a bit like Warren Buffett. Gayner told Matt Koppenheffer a few years ago The Motley Foolthat he likes to buy companies and shares of companies that "stay relevant and have good business models that can grow your customer base over time and that you can sustain for a long time. "

Markel's specialist insurance and reinsurance business enables the company to experience the impact of disasters such as hurricanes and typhoons. But even with a major loss in the last quarter caused by Hurricane Florence and Typhoon Jebi, Markel recorded solid numbers.

Like Buffett, Markel owns Apple shares and Mastercard. But from which company does Markel hold the largest number of shares in its portfolio? Right: Berkshire Hathaway.

The oracle knows

Well, the market is volatile and you may be hesitant. But you have to remember what the Oracle of Omaha once said: "Good opportunities are rare. If it rains gold, take the bucket, not the thimble. "And the slowdown in October gave investors a good chance to buy strong stocks like Apple, Mastercard and Markel.

The simple secret to buying the best stocks

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Motley Fool owns and recommends Apple, Markel and Mastercard shares and recommends shares of Berkshire Hathwaway. Keith Speights is the owner of Apple shares.

This article was released on 11/11/2011 on Fool.com. It has been translated so our German-speaking readers can participate in the discussions.


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