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BOOM! Nexon and Final Strike Games revealed the new "Rocket Arena" title in beta closed on May 23


brings in collaboration with the experienced
Development Studio Last
Strike games
your new multiplayer first person shooter game rocket
in the closed beta phase in the PC. O
Beta will be on May 23-29 through Nexon Launcher and Steam
done. Players can sit here
Sign up for a chance to participate in this exclusive beta test phase

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Rocket Arena Key Art (Graphic: Business Wire)

Rocket Arena Key Art (Graphic: Business Wire)

Rocket Arena brings a unique cross platform 3-on-3 experience
for the first-person shooter genre and offers a range of dynamics
Characters playing in 5-minute fast games on Rocket
Tour of the Championship. Rocket Arenawhat not curious
World of Crater (crater world) is special
Game mechanics that are different from conventional shooting games
differ and a variety of weapons and colored skills
imaginative rocket in an inventive way
to be used.

in Rocket Arena are the players with an explosion counter
equipped, which always exhibits higher values ​​when using rockets
be taken. When the counter reaches its critical point,
players become vulnerable to being expelled from the card
But hurry back to the stage to stay in action.
With a special matching feature, consider the server
skill level and build latency
of players. Rocket Arena will be in launch for
multiplayer game on PRAÇA
and above Xbox one are available
on what Playstation 4 currently in
Development is located.

"We have Rocket Arena with high quality game mechanics,
first-class drivers and network code designed for a
Online FPS is required. Rocket Arena is essentially a
Complex shooting game, complete with a wonderful, colorful world
Whimsical characters and missiles, "said Kevin Franklin, founder / CEO
of Final Strike Games. "Nexon shared our vision of Rocket Arena
and provided the resources and expertise for our
To achieve the goal. The result is a game in which our team
is exceptionally proud and we look forward to this every day. "

The closed beta phase offers a choice of six cards, four
Game modes and six characters. Players participating in the beta phase
can also earn cosmetic rewards in
the release version of Rocket Arena can be used.
Find more rewards information in the closed beta phase
You here.

Players participating in the exclusive closed beta phase rocket
you are interested you can register here:,

More information about Rocket Arena, the characters in the game and
World of Crater can be found at
follow @RocketArena
on Twitter for updates on the latest ads.

Opportunities for participation of media representatives in the closed beta
on request, at


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About Final Strike Games

Final Strike Games is a video game development studio that focuses on
the development of multiplayer games with competitive characteristics for PC
and focused game consoles. Final Strike Games was founded in 2016
consists of a team of 45 industry veterans and is headquartered
in Bellevue, Washington. Final Strike Games has a partnership with
Nexon America closed the Rocket Arena develop a
First-person shooter with three to three players, only with missiles
are armed.

About Nexon America Inc.

Nexon America, a subsidiary of NEXON Co., Ltd. ("Nexon")
(3659.TO), is the world leader in online gaming with
more than 80 games live in over 190 countries. Nexon America led
Microtransactions and the free-to-play business model in the western market
Market and has unmatched global experience
requiring live game operations, taking care of player communities
and the continuation of securities over the years or even decades.
Nexon is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and has been merged into the 2017 Stock Exchange
Stock index Nikkei 300 added.

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