Bomb blast GZSZ! The fan favorite is now shifting to BTN (Berlin day and night)


Who is the former GZSZ fan favorite that is under discussion at BTN?

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For eight years he was in front of the camera at the GZSZ – is that favorite audience now shifting to "Berlin Day and Night"?

Berlin – That would be news to GZSZ fans! A former spectator wanted possibly changes sides, you may soon join the RTL2 branch "Berlin Day and Night" (BTN). Who is the fan favorite?

Change Ex-GZSZ-Star to BTN: Tayfun with bad past

In December 2008, RTL's long-running "Good Times, Bad Times" became a bit more international: with Tayfun Badak (played by Tayfun Baydar, 44), a character with a background of migration to the GZSZ neighborhood emerged. Tayfun had a very bad past: He was part of a nasty gang, plucking people, stealing cars and even crashing into his own wheelchair.

Tayfun with GZSZ partner Ayla (Sila Sahin-Radlinger).

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The Spati became a second chance for the German Turks – which he knew how to use. In the course of his serial life, Tayfun saved the lives of several GZSZ characters. Of course karma rewarded such a thing: Finally, it won five million euros in the lotteryBut the love for Emily failed, Tayfun left the neighborhood and gave his best friend, Mesut the Spati.

Change the star of the former GZSZ to the BTN: Tayfun Baydar turned the table

Private things were not so steep for Tayfun Baydar. After leaving GZSZ in 2016, Laura has a scene from FSK-18-Se **, and there were smaller roles, such as "Pfefferkörner" or "In Best Form". The 44-year-old turned the game last year on the RTL program "Girlfriends – Now More Than Ever" and got behind the camera and the director attended, Now, however, Tayfun Bardar came back with a bang, which should make GZSZ fans sit and notice. Many are wondering: will the native hamburger switch to the RTL2 format "Berlin Day and Night" (BTN)?

Change Ex-GZSZ-Star to BTN: Tips for change have arisen

Is Tayfun Baydar moving to "Berlin day and night"?

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A photo recently appeared on Instagram showing the former GZSZ star in the crowd of "Berlin Day and Night." Tayfun Baydar wrote to his nearly 6,000 followers: "The most colorful, authentic, bravest and brave bunch I can work with. Something's happening.Tayfun Baydar writes #nachtdreh #director #setlife A tip that he is now in BTN (Berlin day and night before Aus?) Behind the camera? A clear answer avoids the actor. fan if he is "now an integral part of the show," Tayfun Baydar replies: "I am only a part and a share of my own life."

BTN or at least GZSZ return?

And how about a return to GZSZ, where recently a Bundesliga star ran secretly through the image? After all, the series Tayfun did not die the death of the soap. In this respect, Baydar seems to have a clear opinion. The question of a follower, when he returns to "good times, bad times," commented the actor with a smiley facepalm,

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