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Bixente Lizarazu talks about Benjamin Pavard and Lucas Hernandez

Bixente Lizarazu can not understand Bayern's transfer policy in defense.

With Lucas Hernández (Atletico Madrid) and Benjamin Pavard (VfB Stuttgart) Munich brought in two versatile defensive players, but with Mats Hummels they were a regular for Borussia Dortmund.

Hernández and Pavard played for the French team mainly outside, FCB, however, are mainly planned for the interior.

"Both can play both positions well, but I see them … first in the foreign defense and do not understand the sale of Mats Hummels," said Lizarazu. player"Even if Niklas Süle has a lot of potential, I would not get into the season with him, other than Pavard and Hernandez, and newcomers need at least five, six months to settle in. There are a lot of question marks."

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Pavard has to do "two steps"

The 49-year-old man, who currently works as a television specialist in France, sees himself as black, especially for the Stuttgart pavilion. "Pavard has to bet on Bayern, of course, and he has a lot to do." (…) Its development fell after the 2018 World Cup, and has since been smaller, also in the French national team. starting. "

Pavard entered the season as world champion but played and grew up with Stuttgart. Munich committed the 23-year-olds with an exclusion clause of € 35 million. "Pavard not only needs to take a step, but two steps," said Bayern's former left-back. "As number 2, in the first four, he has to improve defensively, become more aggressive and learn the correct behavior in one against one."

Praise for Hernández

Against Joshua Kimmich, Pavard would not have a chance on the right back, the international is "the best right back in the world".

Lizarazu's verdict on Hernández, who comes from Madrid for 80 million euros, is much more positive. "Hernandez is a pretty good number 3, a left back with defensive and offensive strengths, and this combination is an exception for today's sides, most of them just forward."

The way the French game reminds Lizarazu "a little the way I used to perform my defensive and offensive tasks." He also has a lot of fighting spirit and experience. "Hernandez is ready for FC Bayern and the level needed there, to the level of the Champions League."

Hernandez is recovering from knee surgery

Hernandez is "a great competitor to David Alaba, who has to fight this challenge first, and Bayern now have two excellent sides – almost a good thing too."

The 23-year-old is currently recovering from a knee surgery, his last mission months ago. If Hernandez Hummels and Jerome Boateng, who is also ahead of the jump, can be substituted in the central defense, is questionable for Lizarazu. From the outside, Hernandez is very good, but I do not know if he is an international top inside. "

If Bayern will once again be active in defense in the transfer market, it is unclear. President Uli Hoeness said on Sunday sky: "We've already spent 120 million so far, I have to be honest, I'm starting to get upset that it's all about buying, we just won two titles and we're all celebrating now, I can assure: On August 15, good staff is on the block. "

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