Beach tourists at airports instead of the sea?


The lingering conflict between the German Lufthansa and the union is peaking just before the summer season. In July, there were cabin crew strikes in Germany, UFO union deputy leader Daniel Flohr said in Frankfurt on Thursday. This would allow travelers – also in Austria – to start their holiday again with cancellations and flight delays. From today's point of view, passengers will be affected by Lufthansa passengers and their daughters Eurowings and Germanwings.

In Austria, the union warns about the repercussions: "It may be a summer chaos when the holiday flights with Eurowings to Mallorca soon," said the chairman of the Transport and Services Union Aviation Department, Daniel Liebhart. In contrast, Lufthansa does not expect strikes, as it does not recognize UFO's collective bargaining agreement.

Wizz Air: winner of punctuality

A comparison of cancellations and cancellations of flights from the 15 largest airlines in Austria through the AirHelp customer help portal in the first quarter of 2019 showed that the most punctual airline is the Hungarian airline Wizz Air. hands of low cost airlines. At the bottom of the ranking are Turkish Airlines, where four of ten flights were not chosen as planned. Interesting: in the following worst places are the big airlines: Swiss and KLM. AUA occupies the 10th place.

"A high price does not automatically guarantee a one-way flight – quite the contrary," said Laura Kauczynski, AirHelp spokeswoman, in this assessment.



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