BAT: crisis session for security |


BAT: crisis session for security

VIENNA. A security officer with neo-Nazi contact worked on the committee.

BAT: crisis session for security

President Doris Bures Image: APA

How and why a far-right security agent apparently with contacts with the neo-Nazi environment was active on the BVT's committee of inquiry will be discussed today at a meeting of group leaders. The commission's chairman, Doris Bures (SP), called a meeting to discuss how to proceed. It is said that the employee of an outside security company worked for about a month with the committee as security. The responsibility of the man's security check shifted the Home Office and Parliamentary Board over the weekend. The chairman of the National Council, Wolfgang Sobotka (VP), has announced a special presidency to discuss "how such a case can be avoided in the future." Bures wants to discuss today with faction leaders and the procedural judge on the current state of information. "The BOM commission should be informed immediately when the man was on duty on the committee, the interviewee was interviewed on those days and if he really had access to the press room," Bures said. SP faction leader Jan Krainer demanded that in the future none of these foreign employees be employed in "such sensitive areas of public safety." A tightening of security measures required that Neos Stephanie Krisper, Peter Pilz (list of mushrooms) spoke of a "security collapse". FP Group leader Hans-Jörg Jenewein is interested in the specific contract with the external security company.

The next meeting of the BAT Committee of Inquiry will be on 27 November. Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FP) and the Director General of Public Security, Michaela Kardeis, were invited.

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