Friday , October 22 2021

Australian Post presents the world's first blockchain seal | Logistics | sectors


The Austrian Post is launching a new type of stamp. The product was presented in Vienna by Stefan Nemeth, head of the product management division of the Austrian Post. The brand with a nominal value of 6.90 euros is launched 150,000 times.

The "Crypto stamp" is, on the one hand, a standard seal, but also on the Internet in a "wallet", so that a virtual bag, stored and activated. For the portfolio access code, the enthusiastic IT philatelist faces a very analog "application", ie a notebook.

The brand block is in the form of a bank card. The right side of the block contains all credentials hidden under risk layers. The access code holder related to Google Wallet, as well as another attached code, the "Secret Word List", has the Crypto digital seal. If the digital version of the special seal is sold or transferred from one wallet to another, the transaction in the blockchain will be fully documented.

The area on the left is the actual stamp that can be sent on a regular basis – this is done by dividing the block at the predetermined breaking point. The unicorn depicted on the cryptographic seal is the heraldic animal of the Ethereum community.

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Swiss Post describes the new product as follows: "The Crypto stamp can not only be used as a postage stamp to carry a postal item, it is also a virtual collector item." The digital correspondent is stored in the blockchain, a special type of decentralized data storage in a digital bag, the so-called wallet, which only the owner or owner has.

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