Sunday , October 17 2021

Audience visibly troubled by Andrea Kiewel

Andrea Kiewel guarantees every Sunday morning in the "ZDF television garden" in a good mood. But yesterday she was not successful, because she kept repeating a phrase and bothering the audience.

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What happened to Andrea Kiewel? In fact, the presenter is known to always be in a good mood. But last Sunday, it did not work out. In the "ZDF television garden" was the theme of the show "Here come the 80s". But there was no trace of the usual indifference of the hostess.

Instead, it caused irritation among viewers of the show. The reason was a phrase that the TV star almost mantra repeated: "I have tomorrow's birthday." No matter who Andrea Kiewel was talking about, the reference to her day of honor could not be missing. At every possible point, Kiwi emphasized this fact – to the dislike of the spectators.

"Did Kiewel ever mention that she's celebrating her birthday tomorrow?" A twitter user asks ironically. Kiwi has a birthday tomorrow, in case you have not heard, so unfortunately not once was mentioned, "says another user, taking the irony to the extreme.

"Yes, damn it, you have your birthday tomorrow! Thanks for the info," another TV Garden spectator snarled at the short message service.

Andrea Kiewel seems not to have noticed the constant repetition of that phrase in the program. No one wants to hear about your birthday today.

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