Attack in Vienna: “This is our Europe” – Macron reacts with a declaration of war


Panorama Reactions to the attack in Vienna

“This is our Europe” – Macron responds with a declaration of war

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“We see a complex attack attempt here”

A terrorist attack shakes Vienna. Terrorism expert Malte Roschinki classifies the first findings. The situation reminds him of the series of attacks in Paris almost exactly five years ago.

Although the background to the shootings in Vienna is not yet clear, French President Macron responded with a declaration of war. He addresses “our enemies” on Twitter. There are also reactions from Germany and other countries.

FFrance’s President Emmanuel Macron responded to the alleged terrorist attack in the Austrian capital, Vienna, with a declaration of war – although the background is still unclear.

Macron wrote that night Twitterthat France shares Austria’s shock and pain. “After France, it is a friendly state that is being attacked. This is our Europe. Our enemies need to know who they are dealing with. We will not give in, ”said Macron.

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Last week, there was an Islamic terrorist attack in Nice – a 21-year-old Tunisian killed several people in a church in a particularly brutal way. Professor Samuel Paty had already been beheaded near Paris. Turkish President Erdogan had dealt verbally and repeatedly vehemently with Macrons, who had declared war on Islam. Whether Islamists are behind the crime in Vienna remains to be seen.

“Disgusting terrorist attack”

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz condemned the attack in central Vienna as a “repulsive terrorist attack”. “We will never allow ourselves to be intimidated by terrorism and we will fight these attacks with every possible means,” said Kurz late on Monday. The police will take decisive action against the perpetrators.

Federal Minister for the Economy, Peter Altmaier tweeted: “The terrorist attack in Vienna is deeply shaking. It is one of many in recent times. We must therefore do much more to protect our fellow Jews and other innocent people as best as we can. Your confidence in our country must never be frustrated! “

Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte strongly condemned the alleged terrorist attack in Vienna. “In our common European home, there should be no place for hatred and violence,” wrote Conte on Monday night on Twitter. Italy is on the side of the Austrian people. The country thinks of the families of the victims and the injured. Rome’s foreign minister, Luigi Di Maio, made a similar statement. “Europe must react,” he wrote. According to initial information from the authorities, at least one person was killed and many were injured in the alleged terrorist attack in central Vienna, several of them seriously.

O Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the alleged terrorist attack in Vienna. “Even though the extent of the terror is not yet predictable: our thoughts are with the wounded and victims in these difficult times,” said a message published on Monday evening by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Twitter. “We must not give in to the hatred that is supposed to divide our societies.”

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EU Council President Charles Michel said on Twitter that the act was directed against “life and our human values”. The EU is on Austria’s side.

EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen tweeted: “I am shocked and saddened by the brutal attack in Vienna. My thoughts are with the victims’ families and the Austrian population. Europe stands beside Austria in total solidarity. We are stronger than hatred and terror. “

UN Secretary-General António Guterres strongly condemned the terrorist attack in central Vienna. He is following the situation with “extreme concern,” said the UN chief, according to a statement late Tuesday in New York. Guterres expressed his condolences to the victim’s family and wished the wounded a speedy recovery. The United Nations is on the side of the Austrian people and their government.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared horrified. Addressing the Austrians, he wrote: “We are united with you against terrorism”.


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